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Source: Netflix

'In the Tall Grass' Ending Explained: The Stephen King Story's Creepy Conclusion (SPOILERS)


Stephen King and his son, Joe Hill, are known for their mind-bending, unsettling horror creations. In the Tall Grass, the new Netflix adaptation is no exception. But what exactly went on at the end of this creepy, spine-tingling movie? We'll explain the end of In the Tall Grass here. Spoilers will abound!

What's the plot of In the Tall Grass?

The movie follows a brother and sister, Cal and Becky, who is very pregnant, on a car journey through the middle of nowhere. They stop at a church on the side of the road and hear what sounds like a little boy calling for help in the middle of the field of grass.

They enter into the tall grass to help the boy, where they become lost and trapped by a malevolent force that keeps them in the grass and slowly makes them lose their minds.