The 'Big Brother' Jury House Might Look a Little Different in 2020

In past seasons, the jury house was located a few miles from the 'Big Brother' house, but fans are wondering where the 2020 jury house is.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Oct. 6 2020, Updated 4:54 p.m. ET

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Source: CBS

When Big Brother fans found out they would be getting a full season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a quiet round of applause throughout the internet. But after the dust had settled, then came the questions of how the season would work in terms of keeping the houseguests and crew members safe. And that included figuring out the logistics of the jury house.

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In the past, the jury house has been a mansion with a palatial backyard, swimming pool, and all of the generic trimmings of luxury. It was also far enough away from the Big Brother house, or CBS Studios, to not interfere with the active game taking place.

But with the need to quarantine people and stop the spread of COVID-19 this time around, there’s a chance that the jury house is not only modified, but located somewhere much different than usual.

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Source: CBS
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The 'Big Brother' jury house location in 2020 is probably different from other years.

The method by which producers bring in houseguests each season was changed in lieu of COVID-19. Each player was quarantined for 14 days upon arrival and once they took tests and were cleared of having the virus, they were permitted to wear a mask and stand on-stage during the Big Brother 22 premiere night.

Since that was so different, there’s a chance that the jury house this time around isn't a mansion a few miles up the road from the studio. If that were the case, then Big Brother producers would run the risk of transmitting the virus to the houseguests in their respective transportation on the way to the jury house.

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And, as Julie Chen has said more than once this season, while in the Big Brother house, they are in the "Big Brother bubble." That being the case, and likely in an effort to stave off any possibility of the spread of COVID-19, the jury house might instead be part of the studio that’s made to look like a smaller version of the Big Brother house. Though as of right now, no one has explained what differences there may be, if any at all.

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Some 'Big Brother' fans think the jury house is right next door.

There’s also the possibility that the jury house has already been shown on Big Brother. The outside of the "neighbor’s house" could have been the first clue about where the jury members will stay for the rest of the season. It looked like an apartment attached to the house, but the inside of it was never shown.

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It's possible that the jury house is right there, which would eliminate the possibility of houseguests being exposed to the virus outside of the studio by being transported elsewhere. In terms of logistics, it also makes it easier to transport jury members from the stage after their interview with Julie Chen to the jury house next door. If, of course, that’s where the Big Brother jury house is in 2020.

The first 'Big Brother 22' jury segment is going to be hectic.

No matter where the jury house is this season, the first jury segment is bound to be wild. Typically, an episode of Big Brother features footage of the houseguests enjoying life in the jury house and relaxing without the pressure of the game. Then, one by one, their reactions are shown as new jury members arrive.

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After a triple eviction, the reactions from jury members prior to those players’ evictions are sure to be that of surprise. In the days leading up to the triple eviction, no one had been told of the plan and the jury members who had already been sequestered likely had no clue.

Despite the season being less than perfect for some fans, the jury segment and jury house could be a surprise light at the end of the tunnel.

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