Brooke Baldwin Is Healthy and Will Be Back on CNN Soon

Anna Quintana - Author

Mar. 25 2020, Updated 1:29 p.m. ET

where is brooke baldwin
Source: Instagram

If you have been missing Brooke Baldwin on CNN, you are not alone. 

Viewers have been taking to social media to express some concern about the journalist, who has been missing in action.

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"Where has Brooke Baldwin been?," one fan tweeted before another added, "Where’s Brooke Baldwin? A calm and very intelligent port in the storm. Miss her in the lineup. Is she OK?"

So, where is Brooke Baldwin and when is she coming back to CNN?

Don't worry. Brooke is slated to return to CNN sooner than you think. The 40-year-old shared an update with followers on Twitter, reassuring everyone that she has not tested positive for the coronavirus. 

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brooke baldwin cnn back
Source: Instagram

"I’m GOOD! Healthy. Told to hang at home thru Friday. See you next week," she wrote. Brooke has been in self-quarantine in New York City and just like everyone else, she is having her good and bad days. 

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Brooke and her husband, James Fletcher, have been quarantined for eight days and counting.

In a recent Instagram post, Brooke revealed that she broke down while going out to grab a pizza pie with her hubby. 

"Well, THIS is the moment when I lost it tonight... carrying pizza down a eerily silent Sixth Ave," she explained. "I’ve been in my apartment for 8 days, like many of you, and this was my one outing of the day... to give my hubs a break from cooking and to give my local pizza shop a little love."

brooke baldwin quarantine
Source: Instagram
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She went on to share how she tried to convince herself that everything is normal but she was suddenly hit with a wave of sadness due to the lack of noise and people on the usually busy NYC street. 

"I made myself take several very deep breaths. And then, as I wiped my tears, I asked my husband take this photo [sic]," she continued. "No one knows how long this will last. And if you’re down or frustrated or just full-on “WTF” — I am right there with you. But I’ll be damned if I’m not going to take a good long look at myself and what I take for granted and who I can help along the way."

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Brooke has been on CNN since 2008.

Brooke joined the news team on the cable network where she hosts CNN Newsroom in the afternoon. Since then, Brooke has made headlines for her coverage of President Obama's second inauguration, the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016, and more recently, President Trump's inauguration. 

brooke baldwin husband
Source: getty images

Brooke with her husband, James Fletcher.

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Last year, she did give viewers a scare when she had to leave her show early due to an ocular migraine. 

"Ocular migraine. I get ‘em about once a year. And in 20 years of doing live TV... that had never happened on set til today," she tweeted at the time. "I suddenly couldn’t see. HUGE props to my girl @brikeilarcnn for hopping in the seat with 2 mins notice. Going home to sit in the dark." 

Luckily, Brooke will be back on our TV screens giving us the news in no time. 

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