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Source: Getty

Drug Lord El Chapo Is Now at the Highest Security U.S. Prison Following His 2016 Escape


Joaquín Guzmán aka El Chapo is one of the world's most infamous drug lords in history, aside only from the likes of Pablo Escobar. The Mexico native exported more drugs into the United States than anyone else in history through the use of elaborate tunnels underneath the borders. El Chapo's cartel, Sinaloa, grew and distributed a wide range of illegal substances, including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, and heroin. 

Aside from leading a huge drug cartel in Mexico, El Chapo was also known for escaping prison several times. His most famous escape was caught on camera in a Mexico prison in 2015. The convicted criminal escaped through ventilated and well-lit tunnels that began under his prison shower. The tunnels were dug by cartel members, and he had a motorcycle waited for him once he got above ground.