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You Might Recognize 'The Wrong Missy's Hotel From 'Snatched'



Netflix's newest comedy, The Wrong Missy, is proving to be exactly the laugh we need right now. The Wrong Missy follows David Spade's Tim, who thinks he's invited the woman of his dreams on a gorgeous retreat to Hawaii. But twist, it turns out he's accidentally texted a different woman, the most insufferable blind date he's ever been on — brought to life by the always-funny Lauren Lapkus.

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Over the course of the rom-com, we get to travel vicariously to Hawaii while Tim endures his insufferable date — but where exactly is The Wrong Missy filmed?

We've taken notes so we can head to these lush beaches as soon as we're allowed to travel. Keep reading.

Source: Katrina Marcinowski/NETFLIX
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Where does 'The Wrong Missy' take place?

The Wrong Missy starts off between Los Angeles International Airport and Tim's office, and follows the protagonist and his co-workers as they set off on a corporate retreat in Oahu, the Hawaiian island where the Netflix film is primarily set. 

The characters in this Adam-Sandler-produced movie do ridiculously silly things on the Hawaiian isle, from fighting with sharks to falling down cliffs. But at least they have a gorgeous backdrop for their high jinx.

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While many of the scenes take place on the beach in Oahu, The Cinemaholic notes that several others take place at the hotel where Tim and Missy are staying with the rest of Tim's co-workers.

Source: Katrina Marcinowski/NETFLIX
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This hotel is Ko'Olina's Four Seasons, which viewers might also recognize from Amy Schumer's movie, Snatched, which purports to take place in Ecuador but is actually shot in Hawaii as well.

As The Cinemaholic notes, the Netflix crew had to be careful during filming not to include the neighboring property, The Aulani, as it belongs to Disney.

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The company Dolphins and You, Oahu's "longest-running and highest-rated dolphin tour" actually lent Netflix one of their boats, for an unforgettable Jaws-like scene, where Tim goes shark hunting in an underwater cage.

Source: Katrina Marcinowski/NETFLIX
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Plus, Reel News Hawaii, a great resource to learn about upcoming film and TV projects on Hawaii, revealed the exciting news that Netflix was filming in Oahu "for 3 weeks" back in February of 2019.

"The Wrong Missy filming at the Four Seasons Ko'Olina today," the account posted. "David Spade, Lauren Lapkus, Bobby Lee, Sarah Chalke & Chris Witaske. Adam Sandler is a producer on the movie & probably won't be around much longer. According to the director, they'll be at the Four Seasons for 3 weeks."

It sounds like in addition to shooting at the hotel, the stars might have spent a few nights there themselves.

Viewers seem to think The Wrong Missy is just the hilarious escape we all need right now. "It reminded me of good comedy from the 2000s and I liked that a lot," wrote one. Another gushed that they "almost died laughing so many times" during the film. "The Wrong Missy is one of the best movies I've watching in a long time," added a fast fan on Twitter.

Stream The Wrong Missy on Netflix today.

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