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These Are the Stunning Locations Where 'Wynonna Earp' Was Filmed



Wynonna Earp revolves around a twenty-something woman who uses acerbic wit and her late father's gun, named the Peacemaker, to overcome the most pressing challenges and murder a handful of demons along the way.

The past three seasons of the show chronicled Wynonna's battle with the so-called Earp curse. However, it wasn't the clever editing or the brilliant plotlines that caught the viewers' attention. We investigate: where is Wynonna Earp set

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So, where is 'Wynonna Earp' set?

Wynonna resides in Purgatory, a fictive small town whose eccentric inhabitants are no strangers to supernatural phenomena. It's in this town that she first learns about the horrid family curse — and where she decides to pick up the baton and continue the mission her old man took on many moons ago. 

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As the Season 1 premiere titled "Purgatory" reveals, it's Wynonna's job to assassinate the so-called Revenants, the ghastly creatures who've come back from the grave to take bloodied revenge on her. 

According to MountainView Today, most of the shooting took place in Calgary, Canada, and in nearby towns like Inglewood, High River, or Black Diamond. 

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For Season 1, the crew spent the most time working at CL Western Town & Backlot, occasionally setting up shop in Calgary neighborhoods like Bridgeland, Inglewood, or Didsbury. 

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As MountainView Today reveals, the sound stage was set up in Calgary in a warehouse on Blackfoot Trail S.E. 

The scenes taking place outside Shorty's Saloon — Wynonna's favorite bar on the show — were shot in front of the Ulla-la Boutique. The segment depicting the funeral of Wynonna's uncle was filmed at RiverCross Ranch. 

According to Moviemaps.org, an ever-popular Calgary venue, the Blondies Saloon, doubled as the nightclub in the episode titled "Keep the Home Fires Burning." The statue of Russell Lambert Boyle also makes an appearance in a crucial scene of the episode titled "Leavin' on Your Mind."  

St. Matthew Square, Flett's Blacksmith Shop, and the Memorial Park Library also appear in the background of a few Season 1 episodes. 

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The majority of Season 2 was shot in Calgary as well. However, as Fandom reveals, a few additional segments were filmed in Springbank, a leafy, suburban area located on the outskirts of the city. 

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Some of the most unforgettable scenes of Season 2 were filmed at the Railway Roundhouse, one of the buildings inside the Heritage Park Historical Village, and at the Wainwright Hotel. A few Inglewood landmarks, like the Inglewood Brewery or the Inglewood Aquatic Center, also made it on to the screen. 

cSPACE King Edward, the Tuxedo Park School, and the Commonwealth Bar & Stage also popped up in the background of episodes like "Steel Bars and Stone Walls," or "Shed Your Skin," Moviemaps.org reveals.

The majority of Season 3 was filmed at a local studio, CL Western Town & Backlot. Additional footage was shot at the Town and Country Inn, and the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant. Colossi’s Coffee House and High River Fire Department also served as the backdrop of some episodes. 

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