Here Are All the Hatch Locations in 'Fortnite' for Storm the Agency Challenges

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 19 2021, Updated 3:55 p.m. ET

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite has been gearing up for a heck of an end to Season 2 of its second chapter. Rumor has it that the huge "Doomsday Event" will be taking place on May 30, with Season 3 starting up on Thursday, June 4.

While there's a lot of speculation as to what Epic Games has in store for the third season, the current crop of "Storm the Agency" challenges, that has players on the hunt for hatch locations, is very telling.

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It looks like the Agency, which is currently headed by GHOST, won't make it out of the second season alive, if all of the missions and challenges are any indication of Epic Games' direction for the game's newest season.

The fact that other "spy hideouts" have undergone big changes during Season 2 is another big indication. The Shark's now a fortress, the Yacht belongs to Deadpool, and the Rig has exploded.

The only two places left untouched are The Grotto and The Agency.

Where are the hatch locations on the 'Fortnite' map?

Here's a relatively easy challenge that will get you a ton of XP, 40,000 points to be exact. You'll also get some other cool rewards, like a nifty glider, but that's if you complete any one of the Storm the Agency challenges.

Swimming over the hatches will "activate" them, and they actually let water out, pretty much confirming that the "Doomsday Event" will probably flood the island. Since the hatches are surrounding the Agency, it could be that the structure will be submerged in water.

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fortnite map hatch locations storm the agency
Source: Epic Games

While you can probably find them yourself by just swimming around the island, the "white dots" above indicate just where the locations are, so if you get in the area and start circling around the building, you'll easily hit all five hatches.

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What are the other Storm the Agency challenges and rewards in 'Fortnite'?

Like the name indicates, these challenges are all heavily steeped in the season's narrative of SHADOW overthrowing GHOST and setting off a Doomsday device that will ensure the rival outfit will be taken out of commission.

There are five challenges total.

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Simply landing at the Agency will get you 40,000 experience points, so all you need to do is guide your avatar to the location, land at the Agency, and boom, you've got yourself a nice largesse of XP for relatively little work.

This next challenge requires you survive the storm circles surrounding the Agency building in order to get yourself another 40,000 experience points. It pretty much goes hand-in-hand with landing.

The third challenge requires a little bit more work but is still relatively straight forward: all you need to do is head over to different Spy bases and open a "faction locked" chest. Your reward for this little undertaking won't be experience points, but a shiny new pickaxe. Pretty cool.

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The final challenge (in addition to swimming over all the hatches), is to eliminate a Henchman at different safe houses. So if you get that all done, you'll be an official "Storm the Agency" master. You only have a limited amount of time to get all of this work done if the Doomsday event is indeed happening on May 30, so get to it!

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