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Source: EPIC

A Classic Konami Code Works in 'Fortnite' — Here's What It Does


You don't even have to play Fortnite to know that the game is big on crossover events and special treats for players. A quick scroll through your social media feed and you'll probably see that the game packs John Wick references, a mode where you can play as Thanos, and there were even rumors of 'Godzilla' appearing in the title at some point.

So it probably comes as no surprise that there was another easter egg packed into the game's "black hole" event — and it's in the form of an old-school Konami code.

If you're into retro gaming or just grew up with older titles like Contra, then there's a good chance you're familiar with "the code." C'mon, you don't have to front like you've never used it before. There's no shame in admitting it, either. Contra was nearly impossible to beat. You basically had to memorize the game to the point that anyone watching you play it till the end beheld a murderous, beautifully rehearsed ballet of death.