Cherry Vanilla Coke Is the Soda Mashup Twitter Has Been Waiting For

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Feb. 6 2020, Updated 2:08 p.m. ET

Back in 1985, Coca Cola introduced Cherry Coke, and just 17 years later came Vanilla Coke. Now, the brand is completely blowing our soda-lovin' minds by introducing something we've all been waiting for: Cherry Vanilla Coke. Yes, you heard that loud and clear, folks — this is truly incredible news for my lifelong sweet tooth.

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Whether you're a diehard sugar fanatic, or if soda simply happens to be your go-to 3 p.m. pick-me-up, here's where to buy Cherry Vanilla Coke, a run-down on the flavors, and — most importantly — how long it will be available. Prepare for a seriously unforgettable sugar rush.

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What does Cherry Vanilla Coke taste like? Hint: just like your childhood dreams.

Remember the joy brought by combining your favorite soda varieties? For many, that ideal combo was Cherry Coke mixed with Vanilla Coke... and that's exactly what Coca Cola's new innovation tastes like. According to a survey from Delish, 64 percent of soda drinkers have — in fact — experienced that glorious combination, which is precisely why the brand decided to create the Cherry Vanilla flavor. It was practically inevitable.

Whether you plan to bring it back, and sip Cherry Vanilla Coke while watching OG Saturday morning cartoons, or if you're planning to dedicate your love to this celebrated new flavor on Feb. 14, Cherry Vanilla Coke is undoubtedly going to bring soda drinkers pure joy. Oh, and whether you love sweets, or if you're sugar free, there's going to be an original and a Zero option. Hallelujah!

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Cherry Vanilla Coke is coming so, so soon.

Soda fanatics can hop aboard the Cherry Vanilla Coke (and Coke Zero) train in just a few short days — according to Convenience Store News, it's going to be available in grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide as of Feb. 10. If you're planning to take some on-the-go, you'll be able to find them in 10-ounce cans, and if you're looking to share, they'll also be available in 20-ounce bottles.

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And unlike many of Coke's "special" flavors, Cherry Vanilla Coke is not part of the brand's limited edition lineup. In fact, it's going to be around for the foreseeable future... so no rush! Take all the time you need to get in on this delectable new creation. Hopefully it'll be around forever.

Twitter is literally mind-blown right now — Cherry Vanilla Coke is everything 2020 needed.

We all know that Twitter is nostalgic as heck, so as you'd imagine, the Twitterverse is blowing up right now about this fantastic new innovation. Cherry and Vanilla Coke? In the same can or bottle? Seriously, this is ground-breaking. Take a look at what fans had to say regarding the sweet new treat, below.

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There is certainly no denying that 2020 has been #rough so far, but Coke is seriously changing the game. For real, this is making my childhood dreams come true, so if you need me next week, you'll know where to find me... hint: I'll be grocery shopping.

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