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Here's How You Can Buy a Limited Edition Can of New Coke Before Its 'Stranger Things' Debut


New Coke is making a comeback. The soft drink’s launch in 1985 might have been a massive failure, but the formula — which is sweeter and much more controversial than the Coca-Cola Classic recipe we all know and love — is being manufactured for a limited time in honor of Stranger Things Season 3.

The Netflix series’ third installment will be released on July 4 and takes place in mid-1985 — when Back to the Future ruled the box office and New Coke’s polarizing taste dominated water cooler talk. 

Despite the negative memories associated with the product, which was discontinued under the name Coke II in 2002, Coca-Cola executives agreed to make 500,000 cans of New Coke in celebration of Stranger Things’ return. Scroll down for more info about the soft drink’s surprising second act.

Where to get New Coke: