We're Still in Shock! [SPOILER] Bids Entire 'The Mole' Prize Pot on an Exemption Card

"I know for a fact that if it wasn't me, it was going to be someone else," says the 'Mole' player who bids the entire prize pot on an exemption card.

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Jul. 5 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Ari Shapiro from The Mole
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Season 2, Episode 6 of The Mole.

With The Mole on Netflix, temptation lurks around every corner. Just when the players start to work together, they're thrown a curve ball that sends the group into chaos and causes many of the contestants to turn against each other. And at the end of Season 2, Episode 5, that's exactly what happens when the players are given the chance to bid on an exemption card.

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An exemption card makes a player safe from elimination for one round, and it's as good as gold for many of the contestants. But when one player uses all of the money to place a bid on winning the card for themselves, it creates a hailstorm.

So, who bid on the exemption on The Mole? Read on to find out!

Muna from Season 2 of 'The Mole' looks shocked.
Source: Netflix

Muna in Season 2 of 'The Mole.'

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Who bid on the exemption in Season 2 of 'The Mole'?

In the fifth episode, the players are given three chances to use the prize fund to secretly bid on three different items that could help them advance in the game. The first two items slide by with zero bids. However, when the third item, an exemption card, is presented to the group, some bids are sent in by the players to host Ari Shapiro. And, according to him, the highest bid sits at $59,500, which is the entire pot amount.

The tension escalated as Episode 6 unveiled the bidder who staked the entire prize pot on the exemption: Neesh Riaz. This unexpected turn of events certainly delivers a dramatic plot twist, don't you think?!

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Muna looks down in disbelief, and Quaylyn's jaw drops during the bidding mission in Season 2 of 'The Mole.'
Source: Netflix

Muna looks down in disbelief, and Quaylyn's jaw drops during the bidding mission.

The group is caught completely off guard; Quaylyn is rendered speechless, while Sean turns sharply to Neesh and exclaims, "What?! Are you serious?"

Hannah confronts Neesh, asking incredulously, "Are you literally dumb?" Neesh responds nonchalantly, "A little bit, I guess." Muna rebukes the 30-year-old marketer, flatly stating that he is "completely dumb."

"You just bid every single dollar that we have," Hannah adds.

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In a confessional, Quaylyn — one of Neesh's closest allies — admits, "That cut me. Cut me to my soul because he has proven ... I could trust [him]. If it was somebody else, of course, I'd have been mad — but Neesh though? Wow."

Neesh, in a blue t-shirt, smiles during the movie mission in Season 2 of 'The Mole.'
Source: Netflix

Neesh in Season 2 of 'The Mole.'

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Ari then tells Neesh to retrieve his exemption card. As he stands to collect it, Muna turns away, unable to bear watching or facing him.

"I have been pretty unselfish this game," Neesh says in a confessional. "First mission, I was almost gone. During the shipping crate mission, everyone else played selfishly. So then, bye, money! This exemption is mine. I'm gonna get what I need to win this game."

Back at the bidding, Muna and Michael gang up on Neesh, criticizing him for taking nearly $60,000 just for an exemption card. Michael tells Neesh, "There are some people here that don't even make that in a year, and you just took that away when that money could have changed somebody's life."

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Michael smiles during Season 2 of 'The Mole.'
Source: Netflix

Michael in Season 2 of 'The Mole.'

"We've been here for weeks," Hannah says. "We've literally put our blood, sweat, and tears into these missions."

Neesh insists he's also given his "blood, sweat, and tears," but Hannah disagrees.

"No, you haven't!" she shouts at Neesh. "All you've done is boss people around, talk over people, and be a d--k! So, shut up!"

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"I know for a fact that if it wasn't me, it was going to be someone else," Neesh asserts in his confessional. "Everyone can be all righteous about it, like, 'I would never.' But they are actually pissed because I won. That's how it really went."

Reflecting in her own confessional, Hannah begins to question whether Neesh should now be a suspect.

"If Neesh is the Mole, it was a very, very, very risky move. However, it also doesn't make sense for a player to do that," Hannah explains. "Why would you drain the pot so you could win absolutely no money? Maybe I need to look more closely at Neesh. Is the Mole double-bluffing?"

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Hannah's eyes well up with tears during Season 2 of 'The Mole.'
Source: Netflix.

Hannah's eyes well up with tears during Season 2 of 'The Mole.'

"Look, I went behind your guys' back," Neesh confesses to the group. "I deserve whatever's coming my way."

At the elimination quiz, Neesh addresses the group and takes responsibility for his actions.

"I'm sorry for disappointing the few of you that I have close relationships with," he says to the group. "Obviously, I don't want to disappoint people. I've built trust with you guys. I've worked very hard. To say sorry would be even more disingenuous, not because I don't feel bad, [but] because I would do it again."

Season 2 of The Mole is now streaming on Netflix.

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