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Source: Instagram

The 'Big Brother' House Doesn't Clean Itself — Here's Who Handles the Dirty Job


If you're a Big Brother fan, don't act like you weren't cringing after the houseguests tore apart the house in the latest Power of Veto competition this season. During the Wednesday, Sept. 4 episode, Jackson, Jess, Cliff, Christie, Tommy, and Nicole literally destroyed the reality show's famous abode, so now fans are wondering: Who cleans the Big Brother house? Scroll down for everything we know!

Who cleans the Big Brother house?

To no shock, the Big Brother house doesn't clean itself. In fact, the houseguests are responsible to do so!

“It’s up to the houseguests to do their own cleaning, and some casts are real slobs and some are really neat,” Executive Producer of Big Brother, Allison Grodner, told New York Post in 2017. “Inevitably there’s a neatnik in the cast. You start to hear, ‘I’m the only one scrubbing and cleaning.’”