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Source: Netflix

Caught in a Love Triangle! Who Does Jojo Ultimately Choose in Netflix's 'Love Alarm'?


Can dating apps help you find love? Netflix’s newest series Love Alarm tells the story of a young girl caught between two guys… and technology. This love triangle was created thanks to an app she downloaded, which lets a person know if someone loves them within a 10 meter radius. While this advanced technology certainly comes in handy for people too shy to make their feelings known, it also causes a few problems. 

Based on the popular webtoon Love Alarm by Kye Young Chan, the author first came up with the premise when pondering the question: “How would humans adapt to a world where romantic feelings are made visible, and how would that change the way we love?" 

At the end of the series, our main character Jojo has grown up and is no longer in high school. Unfortunately, she is stuck between two men, Hye-young and Sun-oh, who still love her. Who does Jojo choose and end up with in Love Alarm?