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Will 'Hyperdrive' Be Racing Back Into Our Lives for Season 2?



If you love fast cars and a whole lot of competition, then you definitely need to watch Netflix’s newest series, Hyperdrive. “Elite street racers from around the world test their limits in supercharged custom cars on the biggest, baddest automotive obstacle course ever built,” the show's description states.  

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Season 1 of the reality series follows 28 drivers as they put their skills and cars to the test on a 100-acre course that is filled with twists, turns, and extremely tough challenges. 

“We like to call it American Ninja Warrior meets Fast and Furious," executive producer Chris Cowan told Entertainment Weekly. "We wanted to create a groundbreaking spectacle that you could only find on Netflix — something that was too stupid to attempt anywhere else." So, with our adrenaline already pumping, will Hyperdrive be back for a Season 2? 

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Source: Netflix

Will Netflix renew Hyperdrive for Season 2?

After binge-watching the first season of Hyperdrive, we are already begging Netflix for Season 2. Unfortunately, the network has not revealed if the reality series will be back for another spin around the track. 

Though, there is some light at the end of the roadway. A-list actress Charlize Theron is an executive producer of the show, which could push Netflix to renew Hyperdrive for at least one more season. 

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Are the drivers in Hyperdrive real-life racers?

Simple answer: Yes. Chris told EW that the casting team scoured the world looking at different race tracks in search of real-life drivers to compete on the series. Once they found a group of 28 professional and amateur racers, the show was tasked with making the track difficult, but still safe. 

Source: Netflix
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"Any time you’re going to do an actual race, you need to be able to allow cars to do what they want to do. It was incredibly important for us that they drive their own cars,” he told the outlet. “Most of the time in TV, you try and mitigate your liability in trying to make the playing field fair, and you’d maybe give them the cars and kind of control it, but we wanted them to bring their own machines to the course and try and dominate it however they possibly could.” 

Chris continued, “Modify your car, bring the fastest thing you can. We weren’t looking to restrict anyone’s speed. But that was a big concern and logistical issue for us.” 

Who wins Hyperdrive? (Spoilers)

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Source: Netflix

The show begins with 28 off-the-grid racers who compete in three qualifying rounds, then three knockout rounds, which ultimately dwindles the race down to six drivers. The remaining competitors must drive their cars through a series of nine incredibly difficult obstacles. 

Finally, 21-year-old Diego Higa was crowned the winner. The Brazil native, known as “Baby-Faced Assassin,” intimidated many of the other (slightly older) competitors.   

"He's like the Terminator," one racer said. Another echoed similar sentiments, saying, “Diego's a machine. That man is an animal." Congrats to the young driver!

You can stream Hyperdrive on Netflix now.

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