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Source: Netflix

Get to Know the Japanese Drifter Atsushi Taniguchi From Netflix's 'Hyperdrive'


This is racing like you’ve never seen before! Netflix brings viewers a new type of competition series that pits 28 race car drivers from all over the world to compete in an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course. Hyperdrive, produced by actress and car enthusiast Charlize Theron, will have these competitors testing their driving skills on the most insane course.

Pitting drifters, drag racers, rally masters, and more in a 100-acre obstacle course, it’s like watching the “Fast & Furious, but in real life.” During Hyperdrive, fans will be introduced to Japanese-based driver Atsushi Taniguchi. In one clip, Atsushi crashes his police car on the extremely tough obstacle known as the "The Leveler."