Tyler, The Creator Voiced a Character in 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Rapper Tyler, The Creator actually voices random characters in ‘GTA 5,’ and now Twitter is freaking out about it. So, who did he actually voice?

Katie Garrity - Author

Nov. 30 2020, Published 5:56 p.m. ET

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Grand Theft Auto V may have been released over seven years ago, but that hasn’t stopped gamers from playing the classic, action-adventure video game in which you steal cars and murder people.

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While playing the game, one player noticed a very familiar voice was speaking as a non-playing character. Rapper Tyler, The Creator actually voices random characters in GTA 5, and now Twitter is freaking out about it. 

The realization about Tyler, The Creator in 'GTA 5' went viral on Twitter.

Seven years after its release, one player took to Twitter to share his surprise that the Her rapper was voicing characters in the game. “‘Just found out Tyler the creator voices some random dude in gta 5 lmao,’ he wrote along with a video of one of the non-playing characters talking with Tyler, The Creator’s voice.

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Source: Instagram

In the particular clip, a male voice can be heard saying, "Man, I been getting a gang of b----s lately." Then, you can clearly hear Tyler, The Creator's voice, adopted by a male character wearing a white tank top while holding what appears to be a 40 oz. beer. He says, "Damn straight. Aye, you like potato salad? ‘Cause I like potato salad…”

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Some fans were convinced that it was Tyler himself who was behind the “potato salad” line because of Tyler’s outlandish antics as an entertainer. One user wrote, “i feel like Tyler really forced them to keep that potato salad line lmao.”

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The tweet has since gone viral with over 2.7 million views, over 32k likes, and almost 260k retweets. Many other Twitter users hopped on board to show their excitement about the realization. Some even questioned if there were other secret celebrities voicing characters in the game. One Twitter user wrote, “Makes me think how many voice actors they got for GTA.”

Other fans pointed out that it wasn’t a coincidence that Tyler, The Creator was in the game.

Other gamers pointed out Tyler, The Creator made music for GTA V and therefore his involvement with voicing a character shouldn’t be such a shock. 

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“Y’all forget he made music for the game? this ain’t just random,” one Twitter user wrote.  The song the user is referring to was called, “Garbage,” made for the game and released a month before the game’s premiere in August 2013. 

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On top of that, Tyler himself actually tweeted about being a part of the game back in 2013 before the game’s release. “IF YOU HAVE GTA V IM THE VOICE OF RANDOM PEOPLE SO YEAH, “ Tyler, The Creator wrote on Sep. 17, 2013. This tweet apparently went over many player’s heads, considering many were shocked by the news of his voice in the game and that Tyler’s tweet only had a little over 6,000 likes.

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Tyler, The Creator is not the first rapper to be featured in a video game.

Rapper ScHoolboy Q appears in the PGA Tour 2K21 video game, which features himself as a player. ScHoolboy is actually a big fan of golf, so it's no surprise that he was featured as a player in the video game.

In Tony Hawk's video game, American Wasteland, there is a very cool easter egg in which you can unlock Lil’ Jon as a player and have him skate for you.

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