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Source: Getty Images

National Candy Corn Day Is Either the Best or Worst Day of the Year


There are certain things you automatically associate with Halloween. For some, it’s the sight of vampires and ghouls. For others, it’s the candy, and candy corn is arguably a Halloween staple whether you love it or hate it. But with Oct. 30 being National Candy Corn Day, it makes you wonder who invented candy corn and how it has remained as popular as it still is, despite there being no chocolate, peanut butter, or nougat involved. 

So, who invented candy corn?

The history of candy corn goes back all the way to the 1880s, when a man named George Renninger, an employee at Wunderle Candy Company, invented the tricolored bite-sized cones of sugar. After he invented the candy, the Wunderle Candy Company became the first to sell it, but it wasn't as widely known until the Jelly Belly Candy Company, formerly known as the Goelitz Candy Company, got hold of the recipe.

Source: Getty Images