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Source: Getty

Awkwafina's Grandmother Is Just as Cool as the One Who Plays Her in 'Nora From Queens'


Awkwafina is about to fill the Broad City sized hole in Comedy Central's lineup while drawing inspiration from her own real life family in Nora from Queens. Judging by the previews alone, it already looks like her grandmother in Nora from Queens is going to steal the show. She is every bit as fun and spunky as you'd expect someone in Awkwafina's family to be. And although the actress who plays Awkwafina's grandmother isn't her real life grandma, she was inspired by the real person.

Who is Awkwafina's grandmother?

In real life, Awkwafina’s grandma is one of her biggest supporters. Grandma-fina, as her granddaughter calls her, joined the comedienne on Today in July 2019 and revealed that the family was always entertained by Awkwafina’s antics when she was a child. And, she added, she’s happy to still be alive to see her perform on-screen. If you want Grandma-fina to adopt you as her other grandchild, you probably aren’t alone.