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Source: ABC

'A Million Little Things' Fans Want to Know: Who Is Barbara Morgan?


The new ABC series, A Million Little Things, has been keeping viewers guessing ever since the first episode revealed that the ostensible star of the show — Ron Livingston's Jon Dixon — is the friend whose suicide upsets the order of his tight-knit friend group. And, no sooner had audiences learned the answer to that mystery before they were presented with another: just who in the heck is Barbara Morgan?

Jon turned out to be engaged in some risky dealings resulting in a staggering $18 million of debt and the imminent seizure of the family's assets. But as much as he turned out not to be the person his loved ones thought they knew, it seems they were right about him having a plan B to make sure everyone was taken care of after he was gone. The shrewd businessman had set up a trust and named four non-family members as the beneficiaries.