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9 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants You Need to Add to Your Eating Out List


If you're anything like me, you're probably more concerned about what restaurants and bars to add to your long list of must-tries than you are about keeping up with new shows for your Netflix queue. (Though if you've binged through the most recent season of Chef's Table and want to visit those restaurants, we've got you covered.

I've recently noticed that actors and singers, from A-listers to stars we've barely heard of, have started branching out their bios to call themselves restauranteurs. From reality stars to Hollywood legacies like Robert de Niro, I've gathered all of the best celebrity-owned fine-dining restaurants in America you will definitely want to add to your dining list. 

And no, Margaritaville did not make the cut — I'm sorry.

1. Mermaid Oyster Bar (New York, NY)

Source: Instagram

This one's first because I'm shook, as the kids say, to learn that my favorite-ever oyster bar (seriously, the best $1 oyster happy hour in Manhattan, where it boasts three locations) is owned by none other than Scrubs and Garden State star Zach Braff. 

The seafood spot seems to be Zach's pride and joy. In 2010, he shared this message on Facebook: "New York City friends: my restaurant, 'The Mermaid Oyster Bar' at 79 McDougal [sic] just won 'Best New Seafood Restaurant in NYC' by the readers of Time Out NY. Please come check it out. I'll bus your dishes. Enjoy this gorgeous day. zb."

Zach might not know how to spell the name of the street his oyster spot is on, but don't let that stop you from visiting this place, stat. The fries are yummy and the tuna tartare taquitos are unmissable.