Bethaney Is Back on ‘Floribama Shore’ and Fans Want Her Added to the Cast

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Oct. 28 2021, Published 8:24 p.m. ET

Bethaney on Floribama Shore
Source: MTV

Fans of the MTV show know that each season brings the drama, and that’s why people tune in to watch Floribama Shore. Season 4, Part 2 has a lot of changes within the lives of the castmates, and an old familiar face is going to reappear. Who is Bethaney, and why is she someone to watch? Here’s what you need to know.

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Who is Bethaney on ‘Floribama Shore’?

After a brief hiatus, the show is back on the air for what it’s calling the second part of Season 4. One of the faces we got to know before the break was a friend of castmate Candace Rice. Her best friend, Bethaney, came to stay for a few days.

Floribama Shore Bethany
Source: MTV
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She made a lasting impression. Fans loved her energy and her ability to make a true and genuine effort to be a sounding board for others. She could also cook — so much that it was one of the only things the castmates could agree on in a while. Candace could put together an awesome meal.

However, unlike some other guests we’ve seen drop by during the seasons, Bethaney was able to engage in conversations that didn’t end in the house fighting. And those conversations were very needed.

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Source: Twitter

With this season, many of the castmates are experiencing large changes. From motherhood to fractured friendships, tensions were really high. And we could feel it through the screen.

When Bethaney was around, there was a lightness in the air. People had fun. And it reminded viewers and likely the cast, too, that they do like each other.

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Bethaney was a massive favorite from the first time she appeared on the show in March 2021. Fans took to social media to petition and make it known to the producers that they want to see more of her. And they were ready for it.

“I petition for Bethany to be a permanent member,” one fan tweeted.

“Turns out Bethany was the reason for suffering through that first episode of Floribama Shore today,” another shared. “This girl needs to be added to the cast. Who do I call?”

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And thankfully, the producers heard the talk on social media that Bethaney is someone they want to see more of. So, they brought her back — and she’s coming to have an important talk with the castmates on racism.

On the Oct. 28 episode, Bethaney joins the cast in Athens, Ga., and having her there right at that time seems like fate (or maybe a producer shifting things around).

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Given how well she’s able to converse with everyone on the cast, and the fact that she doesn’t shy away from topics that can often be hard to discuss, Bethaney jumped right in.

In the episode, tensions were high between Candace and castmate Codi Butts. The two have had some strange and sometimes awkward chemistry between them. But Candace doesn’t always feel like it’s genuine.

"You settled for the Black girl because you couldn't get Aimee," Candace says to Codi, talking about herself. The two aren’t able to get on the same page, with Codi not understanding the story behind the story — that Candace is Black and Codi is white.

"That's not a settlement, though," Bethaney interjects, adding in a confessional, "Girl, why it matter about Codi wanting to date you? You don't want him. You never wanted him!"

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Source: Twitter

"I don't understand how else I can explain myself," Codi says before Bethaney jumps in.

"What she's saying is that from her perspective as a Black woman, it's more difficult," Bethaney said. "Black women don't get the privilege of preference like Black men."

"It's automatically: If you want me, I should want you back," Candace adds.

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Then Bethaney turns to the whole group to touch on the realities of being a Black woman that none of the other castmates would understand.

Jeremiah Buoni Candace
Source: MTV
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"Y'all need to, kind of, sometimes handle Candace with gloves that are a little bit softer because as a Black woman, we're fighting sexism and racism," Bethaney says. "No one else is going to understand that. [Kirk, as a Black man] is only fighting racism. [Aimee, as a white woman] is only fighting sexism. Y'all [Gus, Codi, and Jeremiah] are white men — y'all are at the top of the totem pole."

"When it comes to stress or heartache or anything, [Candace is] in the worst predicament as far as society," she explains. And it's exactly what the group needs to hear at a time when tensions are super high.

Watch Floribama Shore on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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