Dagan Gera Is One of the Few Living Jedi in 'Jedi: Survivor' (SPOILERS)

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 28 2023, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

Dagan Gera in 'Jedi: Survivor'
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Warning: there are massive spoilers for Jedi: Survivor ahead.

Set five years after Jedi: Fallen Order and 10 years after the events in Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is another amazing tale in the Star Wars ever-expanding lore.

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The game, which can be played as a standalone if you didn't try the first title, introduces formidable enemies and new faces in the Jedi Order. Dagan Gera is one of these new faces.

It's not long into Jedi: Survivor that players come across the characters, who is on a mission similar to Cal's own. But who is Dagan — and what do you need to know to take him down in the title?

Cal looking at Dagan in the Bacta Tank in 'Jedi: Survivor'
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Cal looking at Dagan in the Bacta Tank

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Dagan Gera is one of the main villains in 'Jedi: Survivor.'

Dagan is the one in the Bacta Tank who Cal stumbles upon early in his journey. When he's released, we learn that the one-armed man was a Jedi at the same time ZN-A4 (aka Zee) was sent on her mission to retrieve the key to Tanalorr. Santari Khri was Zee's master and close with Dagan when the Jedi were prominent on Koboh.

When he emerges from the Bacta Tank two centuries after the fall of the Jedi, Cal initially believes he has another Jedi on his side to help restore the order — but it quickly becomes clear that Dagan has turned to the Dark Side.

Dagan's main goal is to return to Tanalorr, though it quickly becomes clear that his reasons for wanting to do so are not in the interest of the greater good. Because of this, Cal will need to retrieve the key and directions to the long-forgotten planet before Dagan.

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Cal facing off against Dagan, who is holding a Stormtrooper helmet
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Cal facing off against Dagan for the first time.

How to beat Dagan in 'Jedi: Survivor.'

Though Dagan is not the only villain you will face off against in Jedi: Survivor, he will definitely be one of the most difficult to beat in combat. There are three separate boss battles in which you will have to face off against the ancient Jedi, and in each subsequent battle, he comes back stronger than before.

Not only does Dagan have impressive lightsaber skills to spar against, but he also has dangerous Force powers that Cal is far from immune to.

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As is the case with most of the bosses you'll face off against in Jedi: Survivor, parrying will be your best bet to defeating Dagan. You'll want to parry as many of his blows as you can or wait for gaps in between his combos to strike.

If you have a companion with you during your face off against the Jedi, don't shy away from using them to help. Your companions can stun enemies, making them easier to attack in a flurry and deal some serious damage at once.

Dagan Gera and Rayvis in 'Jedi: Survivor'
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Dagan Gera and Rayvis

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There are also moments where Dagan's lightsaber will swing around the field, seemingly acting of its own accord. Though the Jedi has only one arm, he is far from lacking in his combat skills. It's best to avoid the lightsaber when it's making a path of its own accord, unless you're incredibly skilled and feel confident parrying it.

Your battles against Dagan will be difficult — but Cal is a talented Jedi, and with some perseverance, you'll come out on top.

Jedi: Survivor is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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