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Source: Netflix

[SPOILER] Is Joe's First and Most Gruesome Kill of Season 2 of 'You'


Season 2 of Netflix's series You has the internet continuously going "WTF" while they binge watch. In this season, stalker/not-yet serial killer Joe is trying to escape his past by moving to the other side of the country (and by his past, we don't mean Beck, we mean his apparently-not-dead ex, Candace). 

But this season is arguably more intense than the last, and we have a whole new cast (and new victims to work with) — and to break it down, let's start with the most gruesome murder of the season: Jasper.

Who is Jasper from You?

We meet (and say goodbye to) Jasper in the second episode of the season. While Joe is working to establish his new identity as Will, he realizes that one of the first things he needs to do is pay off Will's debt. Will sends him to a man named Jasper, saying that he needs to pay Jasper $3,000 to get him off the hook — but when Joe finds Jasper, he finds Will's debt is actually closer to $50,000.