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Source: Bravo

Jules Is the Newest Roommate on 'Summer House' — And She's Caught Carl's Eye


If you've ever tuned into Bravo's Summer House, then you know that the real stresses for the cast members aren't their 9 to 5 jobs, it's the drama that goes down in the Hamptons in the summer.  The show made its debut in 2017, and fans were immediately drawn in by the way that the roommates would fight over rooms, hookups, and friendships, before heading back to their real lives in New York City every Monday morning.

The cast has had its fair share of shake-ups in the three years since it first premiered, and one new face for Season 4 is Julia "Jules" Daoud. The brunette beauty will incite the jealousy of original cast member Lindsay Hubbard.

Who is Jules from Summer House? The now-reality star first had her sights set on a medical degree. Off the show, she runs a successful blog, too. Find out who she is, the drama she's involved in, and the cast member she got along with best.