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The Cast of 'Summer House' Is Older Than You Think



The cast of Summer House takes every summer to live it up in a beach house on Long Island, letting loose and partying like you would in college.

But since the show is meant to be focusing on "young professionals," you know they're all well-established in their careers outside of the house. But how old are they actually?

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Most of the cast are in their 30s.

While the group may party like they're young all summer, most of them are well into their 30s. The oldest member of the cast is Kyle Cooke, who is currently 36 (and will be celebrating his 37th birthday in August). His fiancee, Amanda Batula, though, is almost a decade younger than him, at 28. (Though, let's be honest, they might not stay engaged much longer if Kyle doesn't stop cheating on her every summer.)

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There are only a handful of cast members who aren't in their thirties. Carl Radke, Amit Newman, and Lindsey Hubbard are all in their mid-thirties, meaning they were at least 30 when they started appearing on the show.

Stephen McGee, Danielle Olivera, Ashley and Lauren Wirkus, and Jordan Verroi are also in their early 30s, leaving only a few members of the cast on the younger end. 

Now, that's not to say that you can't party like they do well into your thirties — of course you can. But let's be honest, some of the things they get up to every season are a little immature considering their ages.

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Jules is the youngest cast member, currently.

Jules Daoud is currently the youngest member on the cast at 25 (though she'll be turning 26 in May — before the next season starts filming). Paige DeSorbo is the second-youngest of the group at 26, while Hannah Berner is 28.

As you can see, most of the cast is well into their 30s. Some of them, especially those who have been with the cast since Season 1, began the show in their late-20s, but have stuck with the show over the seasons. 

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What does the cast do outside of the show?

Everyone on the cast this season is considered to be a "young professional," meaning they're well established in their career field. For example, Lindsay owns her own PR firm, Hubb House Public Relations. Kyle is an entrepreneur, and has had some previous success, but most recently he's launching a new startup called "Loverboy," a sparkling hard tea company. 

"Loverboy is... zero sugar, naturally sweetened with monk fruit, and made from organic brewed tea," his website describes the new startup. Fellow housemate Carl is working sales for Kyle's new company, and Amanda is launching the company with him in July 2020 while simultaneously holding on to her own graphic design career.

Jules, on the other hand, founded her own fashion blog in 2013, and has since expanded her reach to freelance content marketing and strategy. Both Hannah and Luke Gulbranson work in the entertainment industry. Hannah is a comedian and the host of her own podcast, Berning in Hell, while Luke models and is trying to break into an acting career. 

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