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Source: YouTube

The Cast of 'Summer House' Is Older Than You Think


The cast of Summer House takes every summer to live it up in a beach house on Long Island, letting loose and partying like you would in college.

But since the show is meant to be focusing on "young professionals," you know they're all well-established in their careers outside of the house. But how old are they actually?

Most of the cast are in their 30s.

While the group may party like they're young all summer, most of them are well into their 30s. The oldest member of the cast is Kyle Cooke, who is currently 36 (and will be celebrating his 37th birthday in August). His fiancee, Amanda Batula, though, is almost a decade younger than him, at 28. (Though, let's be honest, they might not stay engaged much longer if Kyle doesn't stop cheating on her every summer.)