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Source: Instagram

'Batwoman' Just Introduced This Character to Learn More About Alice


The most recent episode of The CW's Batwoman introduced a new and soon-to-be important character, Mouse. The episode, "Mine Is a Long and a Sad Tale, goes into the backstory of Alice, and exactly how she got to be the supervillain she is today.

It turns out, Alice was actually originally named Beth. After a car accident that killed her mother, Beth was kidnapped by a man and his son. While she had thought they would bring her to safety, they really locked her in a room in their cellar.

Even after Beth once tried to make an escape, the boy and his father threatened harm to her family if she revealed her location, forcing her to stay in that cellar, where all she had was a copy of Alice in Wonderland — hence, the name Alice.

Alice gets tricked into doing a variety of nasty things for her captors, including kidnapping her own twin sister at one point, explaining her rise as a villain.

It's during this backstory that we are introduced to Mouse, who is likely to be a recurring character on the show.