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Source: getty

Gabriel Mann Is Playing Tommy Elliott, Aka the Coolest 'Batwoman' Villain Ever


CW's Batwoman may be getting skewered by audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and while I'll admit that the DC-universe shows on the network often contain cringeworthy moments, there's something about the Ruby Rose-led program that's got me very excited, and that's the announcement that Tommy Elliott will not only be a major character in Batwoman, but that he's being played by Gabriel Mann from Revenge.

What's Tommy Elliott's story?

Most characters from the DC CW shows are adapted from the comics and are slightly altered for a different TV experience. In the case of Tommy Elliott, there are more similarities than there are differences. 

Just like the comics, Tommy was a childhood friend and classmate of Bruce Wayne and, like Batman, came from a wealthy family. Tommy grows up to hold a sort of grudge against Bruce and the Wayne family, and that extends to Kate Kane, aka Batwoman.