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Source: CW

Who Plays Alice in The CW's 'Batwoman'? What to Know About Actress Rachel Skarsten


[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

In the series premiere of Batwoman, fans learn that this season’s big bad, Alice (Rachel Skarsten), is actually Kate Kane’s (Ruby Rose) long lost twin sister Beth. Presumed dead after a fatal car accident at the age of 13, Alice and her Wonderland Gang cronies are looking to get revenge on her father Jacob, who she thinks abandoned her after the fatal accident, which killed the girls’ mother. 

"I'll win you over, my dear sister. The two of us will rule Gotham, together,” Alice told Kate in the pilot, hoping to persuade her sister Kate to join the dark side. So, with Kate donning the Bat costume, will she be able to protect Gotham from her sister’s revenge plan? We surely can’t wait to watch their dynamic on-screen and discover how Alice survived the crash. 

So, who plays the series’ villain, Alice, in Batwoman