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Source: HBO

'Succession' Just Revealed Logan Roy's "Rosebud" Is His Sister, Rose


On a jet to his hometown of Dundee, Scotland, Logan Roy was less than pleased to be attending a retrospective on his 50 years in the business. He's a man who likes to look forward, not back, and as the episode played out, it became clear there are some events from his life in Scotland he'd prefer to keep behind him. The most noteworthy was the topic of his sister Rose.

At Shiv's suggestion, Kendall manipulated Rhea into giving a toast to Logan's mom Helen and sister, Rose, thereby honoring the important women in his life who are no longer with us. Of course, the scheme was intended to piss Logan off and make Rhea look bad. But it was also the first time we're learning Logan even had a sister to begin with.