Who Is the Banker on 'Deal or No Deal Island'? Here's What We Know so Far

On 'Deal or No Deal Island,' the Banker calls all the shots, but who are they? Here's what we know about the mystery figure so far.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Mar. 26 2024, Published 4:39 p.m. ET

Rob Mariano, Miranda Harrison, Alyssa Klinzing, Joe Manganiello, Aron Barbell
Source: Monty Brinton/NBC

NBC's popular game show Deal or No Deal is in its spinoff era with the release Deal or No Deal Island. Hosted by Joe Manganiello and executive produced by Howie Mandel, this new series follows 13 players who were sent to a remote tropical island to participate in both physical challenges and play the classic game of "Deal or No Deal."

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During the day, contestants compete in daring challenges to secure the game's iconic silver briefcases, which later become values on the board. After each challenge, one person will be up for elimination, where they are put up against the Banker during a game of "Deal or No Deal."

However, the Banker isn't just present during the nighttime gameplay. He/she is constantly observing and making the rules as the contestants are on the Banker's island. So, who exactly is this ominous and powerful Banker? Here's what we know so far.

Kim Mattina, Stephanie Mitchell, Jordan Fowler, Miranda Harrison, Nicholas Grasso, Rob Mariano
Source: Monty Brinton/NBC
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Who is the Banker on 'Deal or No Deal Island'?

Similar to Deal or No Deal, the Banker's face is never seen, and their voice is never heard on Deal or No Deal Island. The Banker communicates exclusively with host Joe Manganiello via phone, and then Joe relays the Banker's offer to the contestants.

In a February interview, DONDI contestant Alyssa Klinzing confirmed to Distractify that "Everyone who was brought to the Banker's island got to meet the banker," claiming that even those who were eliminated got to leave knowing who had beaten them out.

However, she was very tight-lipped about the Banker's identity. "When I was on the island, I was asked a lot about who I thought the Banker was, and I really had no idea. My best guess was the Banker was just some old guy who was just ready to give me more money," she explained, neither confirming nor denying if the Banker matched her intel.

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NBC wrote on its website, "The Banker is the villain of Deal or No Deal, essentially. They want to offer the contestants as little money as they think they’ll accept — sometimes an outright insulting offer — in the hopes that they’ll accept it, tail between their legs, potentially leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars more on the table."

In the original NBC and CNBC revival series, contestants and audiences could see the Banker's silhouette behind the stage. But on Deal or No Deal Island, we don't even get that much. So far, we've only seen the Banker's helicopter watching over contestants and the Banker's yacht, which is anchored off their private island.

Hopefully, just as the Banker revealed themselves to contestants on the island, they'll also reveal themselves to viewers back home.

Watch Deal or No Deal Island on Mondays on NBC.

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