A Man Is Going Viral on TikTok for Claiming to Be a Fugitive From the FBI


Published Jun. 20 2023, 11:17 a.m. ET

Chad Hower discussing his fugitive status
Source: TikTok/@kudzutheraccoon

Platforms like TikTok have made it possible for a person's story to go viral, and that's exactly what has happened to a man now being referred to as the "TikTok fugitive." Chad Hower has told his story on the platform, claiming that he's wanted by both the FBI and INTERPOL, and has been on the run for years.

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Now, many want to learn more about the TikTok fugitive, and understand how he came to be a fugitive in the first place. Keep reading for all of the details.

Who is the TikTok fugitive?

Chad has been on the run since 2009, when his wife first claimed that he had kidnapped his then 13-year-old son Alex. According to Chad, the allegation was nonsense, since he was in Europe at the time and also had full custody of Alex.

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After a thorough FBI investigation, Chad was ultimately found innocent, but he served several years in a Bulgarian prison and he still can't be extradited to the U.S.

Chad and his son have been blogging about the events surrounding his case for years, but they recently took to TikTok in the hopes of spreading their story to an even wider audience.

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Chad says that he also has documentation that proves his innocence and court records seem to match his story as well. So, why is the FBI still after him? Chad's TikTok videos continue to gain steam.

Chad has been trapped on an island in the Caribbean.

As Chad explained during a recent podcast appearance, the FBI has tried and failed to have him extradited multiple times. Needless to say, his case is puzzling to many, including Chad.

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“[The FBI] tried to extradite me. I had been through three extraditions in multiple countries, and every country they’ve tried to extradite me from, the FBI has been sent packing because their claim is not even credible,” Chad said. They forged my son’s birth state, they lied about where I’m from, and they lied about where I was in November 2006."

Chad needs urgent medical attention.

After spending years in a Bulgarian prison, Chad's kidneys are failing, and he can't get the medical attention he needs on the tiny island where he lives.

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“I have a very serious medical condition that needed addressed years ago, and they’re preventing me from getting surgery. Because I live on an island of 35,000 people. Our hospital here cannot perform the surgery and I need to travel," he said in a recent video.

Source: TikTok/@kudzutheraccoon
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Several judges have ruled that Chad isn't guilty of the charges that have been lodged against him. Despite those rulings, though, the FBI is still trying to arrest him for charges that, according to Chad, don't even make sense. Chad is currently on St. Kitts, and he recently said that the FBI knows where he is and will arrest him if he tries to leave.

“So if I travel anywhere, even to say the island can see out my window, I will be arrested and I’ll be put through the extradition proceedings which can take anywhere from months to years, and I’ll typically be held in a prison during that time," Chad explained.

What will happen with Chad's case? Will the FBI drop the charges against him so he can get the medical attention he needs? Only time will tell.

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