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Is Zach Braff Dating Florence Pugh? Every Sign Seems to Suggest So


Zach Braff is a serial monogamist who hasn't had a long-term relationship for a while. The star of Garden State, Scrubs, and Wish I Was Here broke things off with his ex-girlfriend of five years, Taylor Bagley in 2014, and has been single ever since. 

According to the latest news, the actor might have found his significant other — even though she is 21 years his junior. What's there to know about the mysterious lady? Who is Zach Braff dating?

So, who is Zach Braff dating?

Zach tried to keep the new relationship a secret, but he couldn't deceive the eagle-eyed paparazzi. 

The actor was first spotted holding hands with his new beau, Florence Pugh in April 2019. The two set out for a leisurely stroll around New York, only to be spotted by the press. 

They were hailed as "Hollywood's newest couple" by The Daily Mail

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Zach and Florence kept the relationship private for the most part — and only went out together in public on a handful of occasions. 

In October 2019, the duo went for a quick grocery run to the Hollywood branch of Whole Foods. Their casual flirtation over the vegetable shelf didn't go unobserved. 

"It was very clear to me that they’re a couple," a Whole Foods customer told Page Six at the time. 

Aside from these two instances, Zach and Florence managed to keep a low profile. 

Although they both attended the premiere of Marriage Story — held at New York's Paris Theatre on Nov. 10 — they refused to have their pictures taken together.

Casual onlookers had the chance to evince a similar strategy being put to use at the New York premiere of Little Women — where the stars posed separately just the same. 

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So, what happened at Greenblatt's Deli? 

Florence has recently posted a snap taken in front of her go-to Matzo ball soup place on Instagram, which Zach cheekily commented on with an emoji. 

This caused a great stir among fans, who were quick to point out that the 23-year-old Florence is 21 years younger than Zach. According to some, it is inappropriate to pursue a relationship if there's an age gap. 

"Zach Braff, you're 44 years old," opined a person. 

"and yet he got it," went Florence's response to the unwarranted criticism. 

Zach and Florence have several projects in the works. 

Although the relationship might have only begun half a year ago, Florence and Zach are already busy developing various collaborations. 

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Their first-ever project, a short film titled In The Time It Takes to Get There revolves around the glorious life of a social media influencer who lives in a castle, gets dressed with the help of a dozen or so maidservants, and gets to eat as much cake as her corset allows for it. 

Written and directed by Zach, the movie stars Florence as Lucille and Alicia Silverstone as her bossy, ever-so-commanding housekeeper.  

What's more, Florence and Zach have a full feature film, The Secret Ingredients of Rocket Cola in the works. 

As per The Collider,  the movie will chronicle the story of completely different brothers who decide to join arms to save a company from being shut down. However, Florence's other engagements — including her role in Black Widow — might pose a delay.