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Source: Getty

Is Zach Braff Dating Florence Pugh? Every Sign Seems to Suggest So


Zach Braff is a serial monogamist who hasn't had a long-term relationship for a while. The star of Garden State, Scrubs, and Wish I Was Here broke things off with his ex-girlfriend of five years, Taylor Bagley in 2014, and has been single ever since. 

According to the latest news, the actor might have found his significant other — even though she is 21 years his junior. What's there to know about the mysterious lady? Who is Zach Braff dating?

So, who is Zach Braff dating?

Zach tried to keep the new relationship a secret, but he couldn't deceive the eagle-eyed paparazzi. 

The actor was first spotted holding hands with his new beau, Florence Pugh in April 2019. The two set out for a leisurely stroll around New York, only to be spotted by the press. 

They were hailed as "Hollywood's newest couple" by The Daily Mail