Viewers Still Have Questions About What Happened to Celia on 'Nancy Drew' [SPOILERS]

Who killed Celia Hudson on 'Nancy Drew?' The titular character's grandmother, who is played by Teryl Rothery, was shockingly killed in Season 2.

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Jun. 2 2021, Published 3:23 p.m. ET

Celia Hudson and Nancy Drew
Source: The CW

Warning: SPOILERS for Season 2 of Nancy Drew are ahead.

Those who grew up reading the Nancy Drew book series by the various Carolyn Keen authors may have tuned in to The CW's TV adaptation. The Nancy Drew series follows the titular character (played by Kennedy McMann) as she defers her college plans in favor of solving mysteries in her small town, Horseshoe Bay.

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Each season, Nancy and her crew of friends, including George Fan (Leah Lewis), Bess Marvin (Maddison Jaizani), Ace (Alex Saxon), Nick Nickerson (Tunji Kasim), have solved one major murder.

The main plot of Season 1 was about the murder of Tiffany Hudson (Sinead Curry). In Season 2, the characters dealt with the wide-reaching power of the Aglaeca spirit, and they later were affected by the killing of Nancy's grandmother, Celia (Teryl Rothery).

Source: The CW
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While Nancy was originally convinced that her grandfather, Everett Hudson (Andrew Airlie), had something to do with Celia's death, she was eventually shocked by the identity of the true culprit.

Before the Season 2 finale airs on June 2, we have a refresher on what exactly happened to Celia.

How did Celia die on 'Nancy Drew?'

In the sixteenth episode of Season 2, "The Purloined Keys," Nancy went to her biological grandmother, Celia Hudson, for advice about whether she should tell Everett Hudson that she's his granddaughter.

Throughout the episode, Celia seemed distracted and confused, and Nancy noticed that her grandma wasn't acting like herself. In the final moments of the show, Nancy discovered Celia's dead and bloody body hanging in the back of the venue for Everett's party.

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She realized that she had been communicating with Celia's ghost for the entire episode.

Once the shock of Celia's death began to wear off, Nancy started to investigate the killing. She initially zeroed in on Everett as a prime suspect, but that clouded her judgment.

Though Everett had killed before, he wasn't actually responsible for his wife's murder.

Source: The CW
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Who killed Celia on 'Nancy Drew?'

In the episode that followed Celia's murder, "The Judgement of the Perilous Captive," investigators learned that she had been dead for about 22 hours already when her body was discovered.

Nancy then noticed that Celia's body had been posed like the Greek mythological figure, Icarus, post-mortem. She determined that the killer or killers had tried to make an example out of Celia.

She then recalled one of the last conversations that she had with her grandmother, which was about Celia's fixation on a list.

The amateur sleuth soon figured out that Celia was killed for gathering a list of whistleblowers for her. Nancy had wanted Celia to complete the task in order to prevent the members of the secret organization, The Road Back, from getting a hold of it.

The Horseshoe Bay teen knew then that the murderer was someone in The Road Back. Though she has yet to figure out the exact identity of the killer, Nancy recognized that her grandmother's life ended because of her own meddling.

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Source: The CW

Viewers will have to tune in to the Season 2 finale of Nancy Drew to find out if the detective can locate Celia's killer (or if she can get rid of her wraith).

Nancy Drew airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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