Diane Kyne Is Murdered and Two Suspects Point Fingers at Each Other — 'Dateline' Tells This Story

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jul. 29 2022, Published 2:35 p.m. ET

As the old saying goes, "When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you." What happens if two fingers from different people, are pointing at each other? Well, that's a complicated mess and it's exactly what went down on Aug. 25, 2010 when two men called 911 to report the murder of Diane Kyne. Each man claimed the other was responsible for taking her life. Who killed Diane Kyne? A Dateline special shares Diane's story.

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Who killed Diane Kyne?

As of this writing, the murder of Diane Kyne remains unsolved. The circumstances surrounding Diane's death are just as mysterious as the identity of the person who ended her life. On the day Diane was killed, two different calls were made to 911 within minutes of each other. In a promo for the upcoming Dateline special covering this story, we hear those calls. One is made by Diane's husband William Kyne and the other by her son Kevin Kyne.

Kevin Kyne and William Kyne
Source: Twitter/Dateline NBC

(L-R): Kevin Kyne and William Kyne

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First we hear a heartbroken Kevin shouting, "My dad's trying to kill me. Help me please. He killed my mom." When the call was made, Kevin and William were fighting in the front yard while Diane's body was mere feet away in the bedroom of their home. According to Kevin, he was able to break away from Bill mid-argument. "I'm running away from somebody that had just murdered my mother, and somebody that was trying to murder me," Kevin claimed.

William tells a different story in his 911 call which shows him yelling, "My son just killed my wife. He and my wife were arguing, and he was choking her." He elaborates to Dateline host Dennis Murphy, stating that Kevin had gone into the master bedroom to speak with Diana. Moments later, William heard Diane shout "Kevin!" William ran in to find Kevin choking Diane, so he grabbed Kevin but was thrown against his armoire.

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William and Kevin both had similar stories while speaking with Dennis, in which the other person did it. As Diane's husband, detectives suspected William first. The Tampa Bay Times reported that not only did William fail a lie detector test, but his DNA was found all over Diane's neck. In terms of motive, William was positioned to "collect half a million dollars in insurance money." Despite all this, their attention moved over to Kevin.

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Kevin denied going into his mother's bedroom that day. However, "three drops or 'flecks' of Kevin Kyne's blood were found on Diane Kyne's leg," per the Tampa Bay Times. Worse still, a broken pair of Kevin's glasses and his sandals were also located in Diane's bedroom. The Tampa Bay Times reported this was enough for a jury to find Kevin guilty of first-degree murder in 2012. But two years later, "an appellate court granted him a new trial." In 2015, Kevin was found not guilty.

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Where are William and Kevin Kyne now?

In September 2016, the Tampa Bay Times again reported an update for Kevin who was "arrested Saturday [September 17] on a charge of felony battery, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office." It sounds like we need to talk about Kevin who has a penchant for pool hall fights.

Speaking of arrests, Tampa Bay Times also caught up with William. While riding his motorcycle, he apparently "collided with a fellow cyclist during their group's regular pedal through Indian Shores along Gulf Boulevard." Harvey Zoller, a cyclist who witnessed the accident, alleged that William "looked angry and impatient, hurling insults at them." The victim was thrown to the grown and spent two days in intensive care. William was arrested on May 7 for leaving the scene of the accident.

There is one more shocking piece to this puzzle that casts more doubt upon the innocence of one of these men. Tune into Dateline Friday at 10:00 p.m. EST on NBC for more information.

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