Here's a Recap of How the Mysterious Death of Lucy Sable Was Solved on 'Nancy Drew'

When the CW series 'Nancy Drew' made its debut, Nancy found herself with two murders to solve. Here's a recap of who killed Lucy in the CW drama.

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Nov. 8 2021, Published 9:20 a.m. ET

Nancy Drew
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For three seasons now, viewers of the CW mystery drama series Nancy Drew have watched brilliant teenage detective Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) and her friends solve mysteries in her town of Horseshoe Bay, Maine. Season 3 brings Nancy and her Drew crew new love interests, standalone cases, and an emotional journey of self-discovery.

When Nancy Drew made its debut on the network in 2019, it started with Nancy still grieving the death of her mother, Kate Drew (Sara Canning).

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She is again forced back into her mystery-solving days when her biological father, Ryan Hudson's (Riley Smith) wife, Tiffany Hudson (Sinead Curry), is murdered in front of The Claw. Because the death has affected everyone in life, Nancy is determined to figure out what happened to Tiffany. However, that isn't the only mysterious death Nancy has to solve. Nancy believes that solving Lucy Sable's (Stephanie Van Dyck, and as a teenager Lizzie Boys) murder will lead her to solve Tiffany's murder.

Nancy and her Drew crew on the 'Nancy Drew' series.
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As the gang tries to figure out what happened to Lucy Sable, the show gets supernatural. So what exactly went down with Lucy Sable's death? Let's recap.

Who killed Lucy in 'Nancy Drew'?

Nancy investigates Tiffany's and Lucy's death because it looks like the ghost of Lucy kills Tiffany. However, that wasn't the case, and after finding out who killed Tiffany in Episode 16, Nancy finds out who killed Lucy (whom she finds out is also her biological mother).

Lucy fell to her death on her prom night nearly 20 years before. Back then, it appeared that after being stabbed, she had fallen from a cliff's edge into the ocean.

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That was the theory, anyway, since there was a set of tire tracks and a bloody knife at the scene of her death. When Nancy obtains Lucy's bones, she goes to work to solve the mystery of who killed Lucy.

Nancy manages to trace back the events of the night Lucy had died, and fans are stunned by the shocking twist. She finds Lucy's diary, and as she reads it she finally learns the truth about who killed Lucy.

Nancy takes the stand on Season 1 Episode 16 of 'Nancy Drew'
Source: CW
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Nancy rushes to the courthouse and reads the diary on the witness stand. It turns out that Lucy's murder was not an actual murder because nobody physically killed her. However, someone may have influenced Lucy into taking her own life.

The diary confirmed her secret pregnancy and also revealed that the Hudsons used their influence to destroy Lucy’s reputation and have the entire town turn against her.

That could have been a significant factor in her potential suicide. The journal was enough evidence for Carson Drew (Scott Wolf) to be exonerated of the murder charges. There are no exact details about the suicide, which was done on purpose.

In an interview with TVLine, executive producers Noga Landau and Melinda Hsu Taylor stated, "We definitely didn't want to glorify suicide. We didn't want to make it seem in any way aspirational. We wanted to make it seem horribly tragic and very sad."

Catch new episodes of Nancy Drew every Friday at 9 p.m. EST on the CW.

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