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Source: Netflix

Who Murdered Roxy in 'Insatiable' Season 2? (SPOILERS!)


Everyone knows that Netflix's Insatiable can be downright ridiculous. However, things have started seriously heating up  with the premier of Season 2, when a certain mysterious killer is thrown into the mix and murders Roxy. 

So, who killed Roxy in Insatiable Season 2? Let's break down everything we know so far.

If you aren't totally caught up, let me fill you in. Insatiable follows a teenage girl named Patty (Debby Ryan) who had previously been bullied for being overweight most of her life. 

She loses weight when her jaw is wired shut following an accident over the summer. Now, she wants to take on all the bullies who made her life so frustrating and painful, by getting revenge... even if that means that she has to kill them.