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Who Killed Cordell Walker's Wife on 'Walker'? There Are Major Fan Theories About Her Death


Apr. 15 2021, Updated 5:02 p.m. ET

In the series premiere of Walker, Cordell and his family are fractured as they confront their unresolved grief with the death of his wife, Emily (Genevieve Padalecki). The episode jumps ahead to 10 months after Emily was murdered when the Texas Ranger returns home from an undercover mission. Walker is still obsessed with his wife's death, and we see him constantly flipping a poker chip that she had on her the night of her death.  

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He can't figure out what the chip has to do with his wife but makes it his mission to find its connection and solve the mystery of Emily's untimely death. In Episode 6 of the CW drama, Cordell's brother Liam (Keegan Allen) teams up with Captain Larry James (Coby Bell) to investigate a lead about her murder in Mexico. 

Somehow, Emily's best friend Geri (Odette Annable) may be connected to the murder. In Episode 7 of Walker, the pair head down to Mexico to an art gallery that Geri's LLP money is going to.

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Interestingly the woman who runs the gallery is the niece of the man who confessed to Emily's murder. It seems like Captain James and Liam must be on to something because right as the episode is ending, viewers see them walking to their car to leave Mexico, and as James hits the automatic lock for the car, it explodes! 

Since the beginning, fans have been theorizing on who killed Walker's wife. Read further to see what some of the theories are. 

One theory is that Emily faked her own death on 'Walker.'

Geri is one of the key figures in the mystery of who killed Walker's wife. When Cordell returns to town after being away on his undercover mission, it's obvious to viewers that their relationship is strained. 

It's also apparent that Geri is reluctant and unwilling to answer any of Walker's questions about the night of Emily's death when he comes to the Side Step. He keeps asking her for information, and all she does is sidestep his questions (no pun intended).

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In Episode 6, Geri sells her bar, so viewers are wondering why she would be selling now, which seems rather sudden. Could it be that she finds out that Walker and the other Texas Rangers are looking into Emily's murder? 

One theory is that Emily was forced to fake her death and enter Witness Protection, or that with the help of Geri, she's in hiding from family until she's able to return. Either way, some fans think Geri knows where Emily is.

Source: Reddit
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In a Walker discussion group on Reddit, one member felt that Emily faked her own death and shared, "She got deeper into something than she expected and needed to protect her family."

Another theory about Walker's wife's death is that her hobby got her killed.

Walker's late wife Emily had a rebellious streak, and it was established from the very beginning that she was a risk-taker and had a love for photography. It's clear that something isn't right with Emily's death in Episode 5 of Walker when Liam and the Captain have confused looks after watching the footage of Emily's death. 

Emily's hobby could possibly be a supporting factor in her death.   

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Maybe she photographed someone or something that she shouldn't have, drawing attention from the wrong people. Whatever happened, it seems Geri does have more information than she's sharing. 

In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Anna Fricke is asked about Geri's connection to Emily's murder. She reveals, "There’s a connection that doesn’t look great. And we definitely need to get to the bottom of it. But there is a connection."

Source: CW

Wow! The rest of Season 1 will be interesting, to say the very least, and we can't wait to see what exactly Geri's connection to Emily's death is and hopefully find out who's responsible for her death. 

Watch Walker every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on the CW. 

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