The ‘Who Want Me’ Dark Personality Test on TikTok May Take Some Time — But It Sure Is Colorful

If you've seen the "Who Want Me" meme on Tiktok lately, you might be wondering where the personality test results actually come from.

Brandon Charles - Author

Mar. 15 2024, Published 4:51 p.m. ET

Personality results from IDR Labs.

If you've spent time on Tiktok lately, you may have seen people posting a meme with colorful boxes describing their worst personality traits. Tiktokers jokingly caption the image with "who want me" as they flaunt the darker sides of their personality. Maybe you've been wondering where you can find the quiz that tells you all about potential personality disorders or toxic traits. If so, you've come to the right place!

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If you really miss the glory days of BuzzFeed quizzes or the early days of MySpace, you may want to spend some quality time answering questions about your personality. It seems like enough people on TikTok are using it to find out, “Who want me?”

So, what is the dark personality test that everyone's been posting about on Tiktok?

Dark Personality Test Score Example
Source: Tiktok/ @r0bz.z0mbi3

Here's the quiz, which is a personality test designed by The page claims that there are 15 different personality styles, and that the test will show you how much you relate to each of those styles. However, it also states that the test is for educational purposes only and does not "necessarily translate into real-world assessments."

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TikTok's #whowantme meme is time consuming.

Got time to answer a quick questionnaire? Psych! It ain’t quick! It’s 105 questions. One hundred and five questions. Still want to take the quiz? Feel free — it's free, and you don't need to enter any personal data.

One reason this 105 (come on, that is too long!) questionnaire is infuriating is because you have to click on the ‘next’ button to get to the next question, making this a 210 click questionnaire (double the amount of clicking!). Once you answer a few questions, you may notice everything skews negative — like 100 of the 105 questions.

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Some of our favorite questions include, “The thought of having no one in my corner to look out for me makes me seriously afraid,” “I am superior to others and don't really care what they think,” and “People think I say strange things. In my mind, I think they also talk about my looks behind my back, picking out every deformity and imperfection.”

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The results are easy to manipulate, and they sure are colorful!

On the IRDLabs site the description for the test reads, “This 105-question Personality Style Test will allow you to obtain your scores on all of the 15 personality styles. The personality styles represent a dynamic and more fluid aspect of the personality than the more structural properties measured by the Jung Type Test or the Big Five Test.”

After answering the 105 questions you’ll get a readout of your personality type and a breakdown of just how many different types of personality you are. The percentage breakdown isn’t scientific, but it is colorful. Here’s what it looks like if you answer every question in a positive manner, which means you chose ‘Disagree’ about 100 out of 105 times.

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Personality Test Results

If you click ‘Agree’ too many times, there may be a problem.

It seems the test knows that it’s flawed. Since most of the questions are negative in nature, it’s quite easy to manipulate results. If you do choose ‘Agree’ on most every question, you’ll probably get the ‘Multiple Personality Styles’ as your personality style.

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The Multiple Personality Styles assessments says, “Oh dear, oh dear. Either you clicked 'Agree' to too many questions that did not really apply to you, or you appear to have multiple, equally prominent personality styles.” Your chart will look like this following:

who want me personality test tiktok
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Want to take a guess on the charts that are performing best in the TikTok #whowantme meme? Yep, the ones that either clearly manipulated the test or truly have multiple personality disorder and enough time to take this very, very long questionnaire and post about it.

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The 105-question quiz has taken over TikTok, with users posting their results with the caption, "Who want me?" So, if you're looking to meet someone with a specific personality type — whether similar to yours or not — you'll have plenty of eligible suitors to choose from.

Why does this exist? Want to buy a book?

If you scroll past your colorful results you’ll hit the ad for the IDR Labs’ Manual of Personality Styles. For only $6.99 you can read 71-pages, “explaining the make-up of all personality styles, their hidden drives, and the theory behind the system.”

Based on some Reddit concerns, It seems like a personality test designed to sell a book may be having a moment on the social media platform where your data is being collected.

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