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18 Images That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity



Let's not mince words — we live in divisive times. It can sometimes feel like everyone is only looking out for number one and that we've all forgotten how to get along and help out our fellow humans. The news certainly doesn't help dispel those notions either, but thankfully the following 18 images will help maintain or possibly restore your faith in humanity. Some people still know how to lead with kindness in acts both great and small.

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The backstory on this image is that the man on the left was on his way to a job interview and was having some trouble knotting his tie. The woman in the red coat noticed his struggle and urged her husband, on the right, to help the man get that perfect Windsor so he could make a good first impression.

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The protestors in Hong Kong have endured thousands of injuries and even a few deaths, along with some pretty terrible conditions at times as they protest the Chinese government's challenge to the region's sovereignty. In the face of all that, it's nice to see this unnamed protestor is still able to lend a hand to a reporter covering the demonstrations during a heavy downpour. 

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The very wet man in the very nice suit was doing a wedding shoot with his new bride nearby when he saw the kid on the shore was struggling to get out of the water. Even if it ruined the rest of the photos of the day, his new wife will probably cherish these photos forever.

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The man who bought up those cookies was later arrested on federal drug charges, but his crimes in no way diminish his kindness. If anything, it just goes to show that we are complicated people and that many of the people who end up in the criminal justice system are good people who have done bag things. Stories like this show how much we overlook when we only judge somebody by their biggest mistake without considering the good as well.

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The Australian bushfires have devastated an entire continent, but in spite of the awful loss of life — including millions of acres of bush and about half a billion animals — the tragedy has also brought out the best in people. In addition to volunteering to fight the blazes and rescue people and wildlife, people like this have been opening their homes to evacuees and sharing any resources they can to help out their fellow Aussies.

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The Church of Satan doesn't actually believe in or worship Satan, In fact, the organization is pretty much anti-religion and largely atheist. But even if they don't have a favorable view of organized religion — catholicism being one of the most organized — they still appreciate what a horrible loss the Notre Dame fire was for Catholics and for the French people.

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Aiden was playing a video game online when he began having a seizure. Although his parents were home, they had no idea their son was in distress. Thankfully, one of his fellow players recognized the sounds she heard from Aidan's headset as the sounds of someone having a seizure. When he didn't respond to her repeated questions if he was OK, 20-year-old Dia Lathora, who lives in Texas, tracked down an emergency services number local to Aidan in Widnes, UK, and before his parents even knew he was unconscious, an ambulance was outside their door.

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Rather than see each other as competition, these two restaurant owners in City of Industry, CA supported each other by displaying banners telling their customers (in their respective languages), that the food next food is just as legit as their own. So whether you're craving Chinese, Vietnamese, or just wholesome friendship, it seems like this is the spot to be.

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The story explaining this NYC subway moment definitely brought me to tears. The man on the right was going over his son's math homework when the man on the left sat beside him and asked what he was studying. Turns out the man in the red was trying to relearn some math concepts he'd forgotten so he could help his struggling student at home. Well, the man on the left used to be a math teacher himself, so he spent the entire ride helping him learn some new methods to help his kid improve his grade.  

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Unless you're very tall yourself, you've definitely had at least one time in your life where your view of a live event or movie was obscured by a very tall person. It's the worst at concerts, and it's so rare a tall person not only realizes they're blocking someone's view but actually cares about that person's experience! What a mensch.

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Action figures are often hoarded away in unopened boxes until their values appreciate, but these toys are meant to be played with. Thankfully, this collector gets it, and when he saw this mom was buying them so her autistic son could enjoy them, he gave her the whole rest of the lot free of charge. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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This trashcan is designed so people can put their recyclable bottles and cans outside the waste container — this way pickers who collect them to redeem them for the refund value at recycling centers don't have to dig through food scraps and other gross stuff to reach them. It would be better if people didn't have to pick through garbage at all to make a living, but this design makes it a lot easier and cleaner.

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A couple were out to eat with their baby in tow when the little one started to fuss. Not wanting to disturb the other diners, they started to pack up to leave so everyone could enjoy their meals without a screaming baby. But instead another couple sitting nearby offered to get the baby quiet for the new parents, allowing them to enjoy the rest of their meal in peace. Moments like that are rare and precious for parents of infants, so this stranger couple truly did them a solid.

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Driving truly seems to bring out the worst in people more often than not, but here is the rare case where two drivers really had their humanity dialed up to 11. It's rare enough for someone to admit they were wrong and then try to right that wrong, but on the road it is nearly impossible. When this truck driver realized why the car in front of him wasn't moving, he wanting to make sure the driver knew he was sorry. Amazing, classy moves all around.

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Indian YouTube cook Narayana Reddy made giant meals on his channel, then served the gargantuan dishes he created to local orphans. In addition to feeding these kids, he used a portion of the proceeds from his channel to support charitable organizations. Sadly, Reddy passed away at 73 in October 2018.

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The foster care system is full of traumas, but one of the biggest is that often groups of siblings are separated from each other. Permanent placement in the same home probably would have seemed impossible for these six siblings, but two dads in Maryland, Steve Anderson-McLean and Rob Anderson-McLean, made their family of eight official on Mar 23, 2019 when they adopted six siblings ages 7–14 who had been removed from an abusive home and spent five years in foster care. Love truly makes a family — you love to see it.

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Even when we're confronted with the worst of humanity, we often seen the best of humanity turnout tenfold in response. This truck owner ins Buffalo had his vehicle defaced with racist graffiti, and when he brought it into a local body shop, all hands were on deck to erase the hate as fast as possible. The shop also waived all expenses, because this guy clearly already had a terrible enough day. Faith in humanity restored.

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