This Conversation About Dogs Is the Most Wholesome Wrong Number Interaction Ever

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Oct. 8 2020, Updated 4:21 p.m. ET

In 2020, we need love and support in any way we can get it. That's why Sam Athey, a Ph.D. candidate, decided to send some pug pictures to her friend who was feeling sort of down. Pugs are the perfect silly animals to lift your spirits.

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The only problem was that Sam Athey accidentally sent the pictures to the wrong number. Sam apologized for the mistake and thought that would be that, but the stranger on the other end had a different idea. And thus, the most wholesome wrong number interaction of all time was born.

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Whether I knew the person or not, I would be delighted to receive these pictures in my texts. Who doesn't want pictures of pug puppies chasing balls and pairs of pugs snuggling together in pjs? The answer to that is no one. No one doesn't want that.

Imagine if these popped up in your texts from a totally random number. It would almost be more delightful than if you knew the person sending them! So the stranger who received Sam's texts responded and thanked her, even though they didn't know her at all. 

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Sam apologized and thought that would be the end of that. Little did she know the stranger had a great love of dogs and one of their own, so they thought they'd return the favor. Enter: these dopey pics of a super cute pup. 

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The fuzzy fur! The extra wrinkles on his face! This is a top-notch dog. At this point, Sam is exchanging dog photos with a complete stranger. Sure, it's a little odd, but it's also wholesome and perfect.

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This is incredible. Both the stranger and Sam were so grateful for the sharing of dogs. Sam tried to share the pug pictures with her friend because they she feeling a bit down and pug pictures always seem to make her feel better (who isn't? and of course they do!). 

Instead, she sent the pictures to a stranger, who repaid the favor with pictures of Charlie. She never could have imagined it would go like this. But in 2020, we all need dog pictures. And this stranger knew that.

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We're all living through a catastrophe of epic proportions! It's understandable that we're all feeling a little down (maybe the understatement of the century). So even though Sam and this person were total strangers, they were able to bond over our collective sense of dread and doom and the universal comfort that comes with looking at pictures of dogs. 

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Not only is this the most wholesome, adorably wrong number interaction in the history of the world, but it also spurred the best thread. When Sam posted these screenshots and it went viral, people started responding with pictures of their own pets (mostly dogs, but cats too, and at least one bunny). 

I guarantee you that just scrolling through this thread will make your day brighter. I don't think Sam realized what she was starting by sharing this story, but it's clear that she is the dog photo whisperer. I wish I had her superpower.

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