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Woman Gets Wrong Number Text from Guy Who Was Given a Fake, and They End up Going on a Date



Codie Higer is an actor and singer who lives in New York but is currently quarantining with her family in Cleveland, Ohio. Mike is a poor guy who was given a fake number when he went on a Zoom date with a girl. 

Codie and Mike met because the fake number he was given actually belonged to Codie. She let him know that he had the wrong person, but then the two of them struck up a conversation, which led to them going on a date! It's the cutest quarantine story that starts with a guy getting totally sneakily rejected by his date!

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Codie posted their whole conversation on Twitter. Mike sent a text to Codie, thinking it was the number of someone else he'd been on a date with. That had to sting at first. And poor Codie had to be the one to break it to him that this was not the number of the girl he'd gone out with. 

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Codie was sympathetic to Mike's situation. I mean, that had to hurt. He went on a virtual date (because quarantine), and the woman didn't even like him enough to keep texting him. She also didn't respect him enough to tell him that she wasn't interested. 

Instead, she gave him a fake number. But it just so happens that that number belonged to a very cute, bubbly actor and singer named Codie who is recently single. I think you can see where this started going...

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Mike kept the banter going and shared a little bit about himself. Now remember, he has no idea who he's talking to! But Codie was charmed. She probably related to the fact that "times are hard" and we're all craving a little human connection. 

So, she played along and shared some details about her life. The conversation was so fun that they decided to FaceTime and actually talk! This was really happening, people! 

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Beforehand, they decided to exchange pictures to make sure they knew what the other person looked like and to, you know, mitigate at least some of the inevitable awkwardness.

Codie shared that "he is pretty cute and tbh on par for my type," so that's good, but the real delight came in Mike's reaction when he saw Codie's photo. It's actually super adorable. 

He was so taken aback by her beauty that he legitimately thought she was catfishing him. After all, they only connected because Leah gave him a fake phone number. He kind of hit the jackpot when it came to wrong numbers he could have possibly texted, didn't he?

Honestly, Mike sounds adorable. The only red flag is that someone else didn't like him so much that she gave him a wrong number. Maybe it's just a matter of taste, or maybe she was just kind of mean, but other than that, Mike seems to be ticking all the boxes! Since pictures had been exchanged, it was finally date time.

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Since so many were on the edges of their seats at this point, Codie just had to update the internet about how the date went. And good news, folks! "Y’all. that was FUN????" she wrote, kind of incredulous. "We have a second FaceTime date lined up?????? I was dumped a few weeks ago but whatever f--k it right?!?!?!"

It's a totally crazy circumstance, but Codie is just going for it! She spoke to Elite Daily about their date: "We acknowledged how bizarre the situation was and talked about movies, books, and each other's careers. He was very curious about my life in NYC and what it's like to be an auditioning actor and I asked him about the difficulties of being a teacher right now. 

"We have a surprising amount in common! As far as I can tell, there was chemistry — we made each other laugh a lot, which is always a great sign."

Since their date, they've been texting every day and they lined up a second date. Codie told Elite Daily, "I'm used to the weirdness of first dates and this feel that different! I'm a very outgoing person and I am always curious to meet new people, so this wasn't that foreign for me."

Source: Twitter

Can you imagine if this works out? If Codie and Mike fall in love and get married, one day their kids are going to ask them how they met, and they'll have to be like, "Well, kids, the year was 2020. No one was going anywhere or wearing any pants. But your dad still managed to go on such a bad date that the girl gave him a fake number. And that fake number? That fake number belonged to your mom." I can't wait.

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