Gaming YouTuber Crainer Was Forthcoming About Why He Left Jelly and Slogo

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Apr. 6 2023, Published 4:49 p.m. ET

It can be difficult when a group that everyone recognizes as a unit is suddenly split up. This sort of thing can happen to bands, cast members, and even popular streaming teams, but when you keep track of someone for a while only to have them disband or simply part ways down the line, it'll certainly amount to a noticeable absence. You would hope that they separate on good terms, at least, but anything can happen to groups in the entertainment industry who just see too much of each other.

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Such is the case with Crainer, a YouTuber and former member of the now-defunct Robust.

In case you aren't aware, Robust was a group of streamers who would often collaborate, playing games like Minecraft or meeting up in Roblox. Though membership has changed over the years, Robust was once comprised of three prominent YouTubers: Crainer, Jelly, and Slogo. Crainer left the group, leaving Jelly and Slogo to focus on their own channels while still collaborating. Why did Crainer leave Slogo and Jelly?

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Why did Crainer leave Slogo and Jelly? Here's what we know.

Crainer is a YouTuber who often posts videos of himself playing various games. He first joined Robust in 2019, where he collaborated with Slogo and Jelly. From January 2020, the three of them became a close-knit group, often posting either gameplay videos with each other or even just videos of the three of them speaking with each other. They would continue making videos with each other up until May 2022, when both Jelly and Slogo suddenly removed Crainer's name from their bios.

Slogo and Jelly would continue posting individually. To this day, even, they continue to post videos and collaborate with each other on a semi-regular basis, though the Robust name no longer seems to be in use.

As for Crainer, he ultimately decided to move on to a solo YouTube career. After some heavy speculation among the fanbase over Crainer's departure, the YouTuber himself eventually provided some explanation in a community post that has since been archived by several sources.

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In the post, Crainer decides to address the "many theories" that were floating around concerning his departure and ultimately debunked most of them.

"Jelly and Josh (Slogo's real name) are great people and I wish them all the best," he wrote. However, he would later divulge that he was going through a tough time in his life, having lost his father and gotten divorced from his ex-wife.

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This led to a recording hiatus which would culminate in his pursuit of a solo career.

"No drama happened," he continued. "I didn't use them to garner attention and then leave.

But he goes on to say, "I've always felt like a 'sidekick' to the bigger friends and YouTubers I was recording with. I wanted a change and I wanted to do my own thing for once."

Slogo and Jelly even confirmed that they "didn't even have beef" with Crainer, but he did reportedly block Jelly on social media for nine months.

True to his word, he continues to make videos to this day, primarily focusing on Roblox content. He currently has over 7.83 million subscribers on YouTube.

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