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Source: Instagram

Bid Farewell to Aviv Buchler, the Actress Who Played Emma on 'Greenhouse Academy'


There's only one thing more action-packed than the plotline of Greenhouse Academy: the whopping changes concerning the cast of the show. It's been one week since the news about Grace Van Dien's sudden departure emerged, and the creators have more in store. 

The next to be replaced in this increasingly Lord of the Flies-like setup? Aviv Buchler, the actress playing the school geek, Emma Geller. Why did 'Emma' leave Greenhouse Academy? Who else is doomed? Read on to find out. 

Greenhouse Academy is a coming-of-age drama with a dark twist. 

Greenhouse Academy revolves around the hectic everyday life of a group of gifted and beautiful boarding school students. It's a coming of age drama — with a paranormal twist. Not only are the kids given the mighty task of passing exams, engaging in extracurricular activities and socializing in an environment fraught with gossip and drama, but they also have to tackle the malevolent forces, The Client.