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Eric Dane Left 'Grey's Anatomy' for Reasons Far More Boring Than You'd Think


Season 9 of Grey's Anatomy wasn't generous with Mark Sloan. 

Having watched his girlfriend, Lexie (Chyler Leigh), die in a plane crash, Mark collapses shortly after the take-off only for fellow surgeon and close friend, Christina (Sandra Oh) to diagnose him with a cardiac tamponade. The rare condition led him to enter into a month-long coma and die. 

Six years onwards, fans are still devastated. What's the hard cold truth? Why did Eric Dane leave Grey's Anatomy

Why did Eric Dane leave Grey's Anatomy? Because he landed a role in The Last Ship. 

The reasons behind the actor's departure were manifold: Michael Bay offered him a lead role in the drama series set in the aftermath of a global viral pandemic that destroys the population of the Earth. As Tom Chandler, Eric played the head of the team of marines responsible for saving the planet.