Gregory Supposedly Kills Cassie in 'FNAF: Security Breach' — But Why?

In one of the endings for 'FNAF: Security Breach — Ruin,' players watch as Gregory betrays and supposedly kills Cassie during her escape. But why did he do it?

Anthony Jones - Author

Jul. 26 2023, Published 2:40 p.m. ET

'FNAF: Security Breach' Close-up of Mimic monster introduced in the game.
Source: Steel Wool Games

Spoiler warning: Below are details about the ending of FNAF: Security Breach — Ruin.

As Cassie, players are sent into the chilling underground of Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex to find her best friend Gregory in FNAF: Security Breach — Ruin. As expected of this franchise, players will find several puzzles to solve while braving the dreary darkness of the Pizzaplex, coming face to face with a new mechanical horror called Mimic.

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Throughout the game, Gregory directs Cassie with a walkie-talkie, which turns out to be Mimic luring her into the underground. After being tricked by the monster, Cassie flees and finds an elevator to leave. Here, the "real" Gregory betrays her, cutting the elevator line and seemingly killing Cassie as the elevator plummets to the ground.

After all the trouble players went through to find Gregory, many are confused and unsatisfied with how things ended, questioning what motivated Gregory to kill Cassie in the first place.

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'FNAF: Security Breach Ruin" Gregory and a Faz-Bear eating ice cream.
Source: Steel Wool Games

Why did Gregory kill Cassie in ‘FNAF: Security Breach — Ruin’?

In the last scene, Gregory explains that he fears Mimic could escape the Pizzaplex. Cassie has shut down all security throughout the game to reach who she assumed was Gregory and has inadvertently opened the way for Mimic. Supposedly, if the elevator she was riding reached the top, Mimic would escape the Pizzaplex.

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Because of this, Gregory decides to cut the line, saying, “I’m sorry” to Cassie before doing so. Even though the screen fades to black and the elevator smashes on the ground, it’s unclear whether Cassie died.

Some players saw Gregory’s actions as “quite stupid and unsatisfactory.” Although, according to books that add lore to the FNAF characters, other players noted how the ending matched Gregory’s villainous personality.

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One Redditor theorized that Cassie never spoke to Gregory. They believe Mimic was pulling the strings as a fake Gregory through every interaction.

No one can confirm the truth since players are still picking apart the Ruin DLC and trying to find other endings. More details about Gregory or Cassie may be explored in future DLC updates, but who knows if Cassie will ever make another appearance after that elevator crash.

FNAF: Security Breach — Ruin is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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