Bloxy Burgers in Bloxburg Caught on Fire and Is Seemingly Gone For Good — What Happened?

Unexpectedly, the well-known Bloxy Burgers in Bloxburg caught on fire and burned down. Players have theories about why this happened — here's what we learned.

Anthony Jones - Author

Jul. 25 2023, Published 4:30 p.m. ET

'Roblox' Player standing inside a burning Bloxy Burgers.
Source: Roblox Corporation

Within the popular Roblox game Welcome to Bloxburg, players can find many establishments in the fictional city of Bloxburg, like Green Clean and the Stylez Hair Studio. Players can enter these businesses and work as Hairdressers, Janitors, and more to fulfill various services for the NPC customers coming and going.

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The same applied to Bloxy Burgers, a well-known restaurant that allowed players to sell food as Cashiers, but it suddenly caught on fire and burned down on July 21. At the time, those who weren’t there during the fire were scratching their heads about what happened to the building.

Days later, we found some theories and confirmations players have been passing around on Reddit and YouTube that point toward an in-game firework show nearby starting the fire.

'Roblox' Player as a Cashier inside Bloxy Burgers.
Source: Roblox Corporation
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What happened to Bloxy Burgers in Bloxburg?

According to a Redditor who was there, Bloxy Burgers caught on fire due to a loose firework from a show at a nearby park in Bloxburg. No one can confirm if this was intentional, but the restaurant ultimately burned down. You can actually pop into Bloxburg and see the debris from the fire still there as of this writing.

Oddly enough, a Bloxy Burgers food truck has spawned across the street from the wreckage, where you can take on the job of a Cashier again and sell food as usual to NPCs. From the building burning down and seemingly being gone for good to the new food truck, players were confused about what all this meant and started theorizing.

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Players believe Bloxy Burgers will be revamped and improved.

The most notable fan theory about Bloxy Burgers is that the Welcome to Bloxburg creators are planning to revamp and improve the restaurant.

Ordinarily, they could have announced this, but setting fire to the place and creating some buzz may be a ploy to get players more invested in what happens next. One Redditor mentioned how the creators have “been renovating the whole town bit by bit with each big update” and believes Bloxy Burgers is next on the list.

Most assumptions point to a new and better Bloxy Burgers, but others are skeptical and lean more toward the building coming back the same. Whatever the case, we’ll have to wait a tad more to see which theory is true.

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