You Can Unlock Several Hidden Archetypes By Following These Steps in 'Remnant II'

Gunfire Games has been pretty tip-lipped about the secrets in 'Remnant II,' and as it turns out, there are several hidden archetypes players can unlock.

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Jul. 24 2023, Published 1:43 p.m. ET

'Remnant II' Players fighting off a Nightweaver in a graveyard.
Source: Gunfire Games

Aside from the exotic weapons found while exploring, players can choose an archetype to diversify their play style in Remnant II. From the stout Challenger to the companion-based Handler, each archetype functions differently.

You can choose between four archetypes (or five if you pre-ordered to unlock Gunslinger early) to begin your dimension-jumping journey from Ward 13.

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Inside jungles infested by the Rot and down paths through a cobblestoned city with gun-toting residents, many secrets that developer Gunfire Games never discussed hide in side dungeons and behind locked mechanisms.

In fact, there are several hidden archetypes that you can unlock in Remnant II. Unlike the starter archetypes, these classes have requirements you must meet and could take some time to get.

'Remnant II' Gunslinger shooting at Iron Maiden Elite.
Source: Gunfire Games
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What are the hidden archetypes in ‘Remnant II’?

According to Reddit threads and our experience playing Remnant II, we learned that players can unlock six hidden archetypes: Archon, Alchemist, Summoner, Engineer, Invader, and Explorer.

Players on Reddit knew about Alchemist, Explorer, and Summoner due to data miners, and later Fextralife — a publication known for its gameplay guides — listed Engineer, Archon, and Invader on July 22. These archetypes further expand what weapons, active skills, and perks players can use, but they won’t be easy to unlock.

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How to unlock the hidden archetypes in ‘Remnant II.’

Below we’ll list the steps necessary to unlock every hidden archetype in Remnant II.

  • Alchemist: You must craft the Philosopher’s Stone Engram. To do this, acquire the Philosopher’s Stone material from defeating Manticora in Losomn. The enemy will randomly spawn if you stand close to a drain, dragging you to a lair where you’ll fight it.
'Remnant II' Close-up on Invader archetype menu and skills.
Source: Gunfire Games
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  • Explorer: To unlock the Explorer, you must craft the Golden Compass Engram. After defeating Annihilation, the final boss in the Root Earth main scenario, it will drop a Broken Compass to make the Engram.
  • Summoner: The Summoner archetype unlocks after crafting the Tome of the Bringer Engram with the Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Altar vendor on Yaesha. The Bloodmoon Altar will require 15 Blood Moon Essence, which can drop from Root Wisps.
  • Engineer: Inside The Eon Vault map on N’Erud, you can pick up an Alien Device near the Titan’s Reach World Stone. Use the item to craft a Drzyr Caliper Engram.
  • Invader: You will need the Serrated Root Blade Engram to unlock Invader. The item can be crafted with the Wooden Shiv found at Root Earth.
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'Remnant II' Close-up of the Engineer archetype armor and weapon.
Source: Gunfire Games
  • Archon: The jury is still out on how exactly to unlock the Archon, but a data miner explained an item called the Strange Box to craft an Engram is behind a locked door in The Labyrinth. They claimed players could open the door with the Master Portal Key found inside The Labyrinth but must also have the “Corrupted” status. It’s not entirely clear what that status is as of this writing.

Remnant II will release on July 25 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Early access is now available for those who purchased the Ultimate Edition.

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