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Source: ABC

Will Jackson and Maggie Remain Broken Up on 'Grey's Anatomy'? Fans Hope So


There are shifts in the relationship statuses on Grey's Anatomy in basically every episode, but there was one breakup in particular that had fans excited. When Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) first got together on Season 15 of the ABC show, there was fan outrage as many thought that the step siblings were an odd coupling. 

Much to the excitement of many viewers, the couple had a strange breakup during the Season 16 premiere, during which they admitted they never really liked each other. But, during the Nov. 14 episode, there was some suggestion that the couple might soon reunite. Why did Jackson and Maggie break up on Grey's Anatomy? Read on for the refresher of their relationship and subsequent breakup, and why it looks like there could be a reconciliation in the future.