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Source: Instagram

There's Baby Fever at Grey-Sloan Memorial — Another 'Grey's Anatomy' Character Is Pregnant


After a full 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, we can still safely say the show still surprises us — the premier of Season 16 started off with a bang — it was revealed that Amelia Shepherd was expecting a child with Link, Maggie and Jackson also ended things, and Alex and Jo re-committed themselves to their marriage. 

We thought that the premiere would have the biggest twists until the season finale, but boy, were we wrong. 

In the Oct. 17 episode, it was revealed that another character was expecting, which makes it seem like there's a major baby boom at Grey-Sloan Memorial

SPOILERS ahead, but the expecting mother is none other than Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). So, how did the show reveal that Miranda Bailey is pregnant? We have details on her surprising new storyline, how she actually thought she was perimenopausal, and what the pregnancy means for her character.