There's Baby Fever at Grey-Sloan Memorial — Another 'Grey's Anatomy' Character Is Pregnant

Is Miranda Bailey pregnant on 'Grey's Anatomy' or is she perimenopausal? It was revealed that the doctor is actually expecting her second child.

Shannon Raphael - Author

Feb. 23 2021, Updated 11:25 a.m. ET

After a full 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, we can still safely say the show still surprises us — the premier of Season 16 started off with a bang — it was revealed that Amelia Shepherd was expecting a child with Link, Maggie and Jackson also ended things, and Alex and Jo re-committed themselves to their marriage. 

We thought that the premiere would have the biggest twists until the season finale, but boy, were we wrong. 

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In the Oct. 17 episode, it was revealed that another character was expecting, which makes it seem like there's a major baby boom at Grey-Sloan Memorial

SPOILERS ahead, but the expecting mother is none other than Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). So, how did the show reveal that Miranda Bailey is pregnant? We have details on her surprising new storyline, how she actually thought she was perimenopausal, and what the pregnancy means for her character.

Miranda Bailey is pregnant, and trust me, she was just as shocked as we are.

Surprise pregnancies have truly become an on-going theme in Grey's Anatomy, from Meredith's baby revelation after Derek died, to Teddy's pregnancy after a night of fun while abroad with Owen.

And we totally thought that Amelia's baby news would fill the quota for pregnancy storylines this season, but like I said, the show is still full of surprises. 

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Miranda found out she was pregnant when she started experiencing chest pain, following the stress of reading an article that Meredith wrote. 

The article portrayed the hospital in a less-than-positive light, and Miranda felt incredibly betrayed by Meredith, whom she had mentored throughout the early parts of her career.

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Because Miranda had a heart attack on the show previously, she didn't take her chest pains with a grain of salt. 

So, she had her colleagues — including heart surgeon Maggie Pierce — run a few tests. There, it was revealed that she was both perimenopausal and pregnant. Say what?

What does it mean to be "perimenopausal?"

Maggie had told Miranda that she was both perimenopausal and pregnant, and for the most part, Miranda was focused on the fact that she's with child.

However, Maggie's other prognosis could mean that Miranda will have a difficult pregnancy. 

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According to Mayo Clinic, perimenopause is the period of time when a woman's body starts transition into menopause

Although most women who experience perimenopause are in their 40s, it's also possible for someone in their 30s to experience it, too.

Source: Getty Images
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Per Mayo Clinic, perimenopause causes estrogen levels to decrease significantly, meaning menopause is likely right around the corner. 

Miranda being perimenopausal means that her body is naturally ending the ability to bear children, which makes her pregnancy much harder.

What does Miranda Bailey's pregnancy mean for her character?

Fans weren't thrilled when Miranda was angry at Meredith following her exposé on the hospital — she didn't even apologize for her harsh reaction. 

Perhaps her pregnancy storyline will help soften the fan reaction or explain why she snapped at Meredith, subsequently saving their long friendship.

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You may recall when Miranda's first pregnancy was a storyline on an early season of the show, as the actress, Chandra, herself was pregnant in real life. 

She detailed how it had been difficult for her to get pregnant — she ended up divorcing her first husband, Tucker Jones, shortly after welcoming their son, Tuck Jr.

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She ultimately got remarried in Season 8 to Ben Warren, an anesthesiologist-turned-doctor-turned-firefighter. The two had discussed having a child, but decided that they were happy as is. Her unexpected pregnancy will ultimately lead to Ben's first child.

In Season 15, we saw Miranda dealing with the stresses of having a young teenage son who had just started dating. 

We have yet to see Miranda tell Ben about her pregnancy, or any of the other doctors. Nothing is ever easy on Grey's Anatomy, though, so we can expect that the storyline will cause some complications throughout the season.

Grey's Anatomy airs on Thursdays at 8 P.M. ET on ABC.

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