K-Pop Fans Everywhere Want to Know Why JINI Left NMIXX

Sarah Walsh - Author

Jan. 16 2024, Published 10:18 a.m. ET

In K-pop, the spotlight often casts its glow on rising singing groups. The departure of a prominent member can send shockwaves through the global fanbase.

Enter JINI, who was formerly the center of NMIXX — the girl group that had just made waves with its debut in February 2022. However, less than a year later, the industry was left in awe as JINI abruptly parted ways with NMIXX in December 2022. Her sudden exit sparked bewilderment among fans, leaving them grasping for answers.

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JINI was the nucleus around which the group's energy orbited. Her role made her departure all the more astonishing, leaving fans both in South Korea and around the world in a state of disbelief.

The announcement came from JYP Entertainment, NMIXX's management agency, merely attributed her exit to "personal circumstances," providing little clarity and fueling speculation. As fans grapple with the abrupt shift, they can't help but wonder what this means for NMIXX and JINI.

Why did JINI leave NMIXX?

Despite the secrecy around why JINI left the group, we can say for sure that there was no beef!

Amid the uncertainty surrounding JINI's exit, it became evident that she wasn't fading into obscurity. Instead, JINI embraced a new chapter in her musical journey, signaling the beginning of a solo career.

In April 2023, she signed a deal with ATOC (formerly United Artist Production), marking a strategic move to pursue her artistic endeavors independently.

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The subsequent solo debut in October 2023 with the album "An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove" showcased not only JINI's resilience but also her determination to thrive beyond the confines of NMIXX.

Collaborating with American rapper Aminé on the lead single "C'mon," JINI proved that her departure wasn't an end but rather a moment of transformation in her evolving career.

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NMIXX is staying together and pushing forward without JINI.

While JINI embarked on her solo journey, NMIXX faced the challenge of forging ahead without the integral member who had been synonymous with their identity. In the wake of JINI's departure, the remaining members — Lily, Sullyoon, Haewon, Jiwoo, Kyujin, and BAE — demonstrated resilience and unity. NMIXX, undeterred by the unexpected turn of events, committed to continuing their musical journey as a group of six!

JYP Entertainment affirmed that NMIXX would carry out all future activities without JINI. The group's determination to press on, redefining themselves in the absence of their former center, became a testament to the collective strength and unwavering spirit within NMIXX.

As they navigate the challenges of a reshaped dynamic, fans wait eagerly to see how the group will evolve in the absence of the iconic figure who had been the heartbeat of NMIXX.

As the curtain falls on this chapter of K-pop, the future seems as promising as it is unpredictable. JINI, now embarked on her solo career, stands to carve a unique path in the music industry. But her departure from NMIXX is not an end for the group. The remaining members are pushing forward, with the promise of fresh new music — and we are here for it!

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